This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Campbell. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth
Campbell, A. D. (A.S.) 1874
Campbell, Adam C 1838-01-28
Campbell, Allmon Archie  
Campbell, Amanda Belle 1881-07-06
Campbell, Amy  
Campbell, Andew P 1885-11-06
Campbell, Andrew Jackson 1862-01-26
Campbell, Arthur 1885-05-00
Campbell, Bellie about 1897
Campbell, Ben Robbie 1913-08-02
Campbell, Ben Ruby II  
Campbell, Benjamin  
Campbell, Bonnie Chloe 1916-02-06
Campbell, Bruce E 1905
Campbell, Burnett
Campbell, Cannon  
Campbell, Catherine  
Campbell, Catherine about 1875
Campbell, Charles  
Campbell, Charles 1835-04-09
Campbell, Charles A 1889-08-14
Campbell, Charles Arthur  
Campbell, Chuck  
Campbell, Clara B  
Campbell, Clara Sue 1947-05-05
Campbell, Clyde 1905
Campbell, Cora C 1883
Campbell, D. A. 1876
Campbell, Darthula about 1869
Campbell, Darthula A 1870-03-15
Campbell, David Alex 1859-02-14
Campbell, Deborah Jane  
Campbell, Delanore 1873-10-03
Campbell, Dellie Burnett 1903-01-08
Campbell, Delmar C III  
Campbell, Delmar C 1901-05-18
Campbell, Delmar C Jr 1926-10-06
Campbell, Dessie Lee  
Campbell, Dianne 1945
Campbell, Dillie M 1890-07-01
Campbell, Dora about 1895
Campbell, Dora B 1883-05-13
Campbell, Eaulis
Campbell, Ed about 1902
Campbell, Elbert 1911
Campbell, Elizabeth 1834-10-09
Campbell, Elizabeth 1876-01-01
Campbell, Ella 1890-05-00
Campbell, Emily  
Campbell, Emy
Campbell, Essie Roe 1906-04-18
Campbell, Eugene Payne 1922
Campbell, Flarence 1887-10-00
Campbell, Florence D about 1876
Campbell, Florence J 1872-01-28
Campbell, Francis S “Fannie” 1831-01-28
Campbell, Fred I 1907
Campbell, Gaylan
Campbell, Gertrude (Gerdie) 1910-10-24
Campbell, Glen H 1920
Campbell, Harley before 1900
Campbell, Herman B Jr  
Campbell, Herman B 1904-01-21
Campbell, Hezekiah 1872-05-00
Campbell, Holbert
Campbell, Hugh Homer 1908-04-09
Campbell, I. D. A. E. or I. J. A. E. 1871
Campbell, Ida J 1855
Campbell, Ina B 1918
Campbell, Infant 1869-02-00
Campbell, J. A. or AA or LA 1880
Campbell, James Benjamin 1922-05-19
Campbell, James Hezekiah 1877-01-06
Campbell, James Leon 1942-10-26
Campbell, James R between 1850 and 1851
Campbell, Janice Faye  
Campbell, Jessie Elsworth 1892-02-18
Campbell, Jim  
Campbell, John 1880-05-19
Campbell, John Henry 1873-12-11
Campbell, Joseph 1880-02-00
Campbell, Joseph L (Joseph Hezekiah Holdway) 1856
Campbell, Joseph Pearce 1871-01-30
Campbell, Josephine Idella 1908-06-06
Campbell, Julia Ann about 1865
Campbell, June  
Campbell, Kate K 1873-09-25
Campbell, Kent Emil 1951-05-17
Campbell, Kermit 1916
Campbell, Laune
Campbell, Laura B 1871-06-24
Campbell, Lee C (Mrs Lee C Ree...)  
Campbell, Levi Allen Jr  
Campbell, Levi Allen 1902-09-03
Campbell, Lloyd Wesley 1899-12-08
Campbell, Lolina (Lorena “Rena”) 1870-05-26
Campbell, Margaret (Mamie)  
Campbell, Marie  
Campbell, Martha about 1867
Campbell, Martha (Patsy) M between 1829-06-00 and 1830
Campbell, Martha E (Mattie) 1875-10-14
Campbell, Martha Lincoln (M.L. Holdway) 1863
Campbell, Mary about 1891
Campbell, Mary A 1859
Campbell, Mary Elizabeth 1873
Campbell, Michele  
Campbell, Minnie L 1878-09-00
Campbell, Missy
Campbell, Nelda 1939
Campbell, Oletha
Campbell, Pearl Saule 1899-01-01
Campbell, Phyllis Kay  
Campbell, Pierce between 1805 and 1808
Campbell, Richard
Campbell, Richard P 1914-10-26
Campbell, Richard Pettybone 1882-08-24
Campbell, Robert 1913-08-22
Campbell, Roddie 1903-08-18
Campbell, Roy Conrad 1926
Campbell, Roy T 1892-02-14
Campbell, Royce 1920
Campbell, Rusie about 1891
Campbell, Salley 1878-02-28
Campbell, Sara Jane 1858
Campbell, Sarah  
Campbell, Sarah E (Elizbeth Holdway) 1858
Campbell, Sarah Jane about 1844
Campbell, Sarah Jane 1878
Campbell, Shawn  
Campbell, Sherell Lynn  
Campbell, Tabitha Ann 1848-08-24
Campbell, Thomas  
Campbell, Tillie
Campbell, Tom  
Campbell, Tommy (Infant Son) about 1893
Campbell, Vinnie
Campbell, Virla Maxine 1924
Campbell, Wendy  
Campbell, William Dennis 1947
Campbell, William H 1840-01-01
Campbell, William H 1878-06-30
Campbell, William Sherman “Willie” 1887-01-06
Campbell, Wm Allie 1889-02-07
Campbell, Zora before 1900