This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database, sorted by their last names. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Group as Name Birth
Abernathy Abernathy
  Abernathy, Harvey
Adams Adams, Ellen E 1871
  Adams, Frederick Charles  
  Adams, Matthew  
  Adams, Zachary  
Aiken Aiken, Samuel
Akers Akers
  Akers, Elizabeth A about 1710
  Akers, Sarah 1771
  Akers, William about 1710
Alcorn Alcorn, Mary
Allen Allen, Carlos  
  Allen, Lilly Ann
  Allen, Minnie Lita
  Allen, Thomas  
Allman Allman, Albert Abner S 1857
  Allman, Betsy 1847-03-18
  Allman, Henry 1839
  Allman, Jacob 1810
  Allman, James P about 1840
  Allman, John F about 1850
  Allman, Lewis 1836
  Allman, Morra about 1845
  Allman, Noah David 1858
  Allman, Rebecca Nancy 1850-01-09
  Allman, Robert about 1852
  Allman, Sally Sarah 1848
Anderson Anderson, Martha
Anthony Anthony, Kathrine
Arnold Arnold, Marylin Elizabeth  
  Arnold, Maynard W 1923-05-18
Arnwine Arnwine, Samuel 1865
Arthur Arthur, Elizabeth
Arwood Arwood, A S
  Arwood, Safronia Ann 1855
Askew Askew, William
Austin Austin, Margaret
  Austin, Rachel Indiana 1884
Bacon Bacon, Parrie J 1870
Baker Baker, Alexander  
  Baker, Douglas
  Baker, Elizabeth Helm
  Baker, Hannah
  Baker, Hannah
  Baker, Robert  
Ball Ball, James
  Ball, Lucinda (Lavinda)
  Ball, Manley  
  Ball, Sarah  
Banks Banks, Bery (Barry) 1827-06-27
  Banks, Ellen F 1866
  Banks, Lucinda 1787
Barker Barker, James
Barnes Barnes, Frank O. 1859-01-14
  Barnes, Margaret Scott
Barr Barr, Emilee 1905
  Barr, Emma D 1910
  Barr, John 1873-03-12
  Barr, John R 1907
Bates Bates, Callie
Baugh Baugh, Susannah
Berry Berry, Earnest about 1907
  Berry, Isaac 1870
  Berry, John B between 1898 and 1891
  Berry, King about 1912
  Berry, Mary between 1899 and 1901
  Berry, Nellie between 1905 and 1906
  Berry, Ollie about 1910
  Berry, Pearl between 1902 and 1903
  Berry, William about 1908
Bettis Bettis, Alta Pauline 1910-10-31
  Bettis, Charles Albert
  Bettis, Clarence
  Bettis, Edward
  Bettis, Howard
  Bettis, Mary
Bibee Bibee, Lauvicy about 1823
Bible Bible, Cora 1875-12-13
Birney Birney, Linda Lynetta
Bivens Bivens, Glen Edward 1911
  Bivens, James Edward 1935
Blackburn Blackburn, Martha
Bledsoe Bledsoe, Robert 1889
  Bledsoe, Sidney 1861
Blevins Blevins, Flora 1892-03-29
  Blevins, Minnie 1879
Bolden Bolden, Allie 1899-04-00
  Bolden, Coy 1874-03-00
  Bolden, Hughey 1891-02-00
Bolick Bolick, Christina
  Bolick, Godfrey
Boone Boone, Isaac Ernest 1865-03-10
Borden Borden
Bosley Bosley, Marsha
Brackett Brackett, Edgar
Bradley Bradley, Albert 1897
  Bradley, Lucinda 1900
  Bradley, Richmond Pearson 1887
  Bradley, William Jasper about 1848
Brank Brank, Alfred 1872
Breeden Breeden, Elbert (Ebb) 1858-02-18
  Breeden, Haskel 1902
  Breeden, L. C.
  Breeden, Martha 1860-03-14
Bridges Bridges, Martha Flora 1866
Brimer Brimer, Andrew about 1838
  Brimer, Emma Cordelia 1866-04-10
  Brimer, Harrayet (Hattie F M) 1880-10-07
  Brimer, Jessee Robert Andrew 1882-04-12
  Brimer, John (Luther?) about 1877
  Brimer, Joseph about 1864
  Brimer, Lorracy (Laura L) about 1875
  Brimer, Martha Anna 1868-03-10
  Brimer, Nellie (Lucy) Tennessee 1884-04-04
  Brimer, Sarah about 1870
  Brimer, Theodosia about 1872
Brimmer Brimmer, Charles C 1860
  Brimmer, Houston 1836-03-20
  Brimmer, James Porter 1867
  Brimmer, John C 1858
  Brimmer, Mary 1872
  Brimmer, Wilson 1867
Britian Britian, Brandi  
  Britian, Cody  
  Britian, Mickey  
Britton Britton, Polly Vance  
Brock Brock, Guilema
  Brock, Isabelle Freddie 1916
Brooks Brooks, Ellen F
Broome Broome, Margaret 1903-07-24
Brown Brown  
  Brown, Debra  
  Brown, Lucina Jane 1832-07-13
Bruse Bruse, Cameron Chase  
  Bruse, Hayley Nicole  
  Bruse, Richie  
Bryan Bryan, Rachel about 1801
Bryant Bryant, Joe M
Bryson Bryson, Emiline
  Bryson, Goldman
  Bryson, James K 1853
Buckner Buckner  
  Buckner, Absolum
  Buckner, Agalia 1922
  Buckner, Allas 1873-12-02
  Buckner, Allin  
  Buckner, Amanda 1853-03-00
  Buckner, Amanda Belle 1877-01-09
  Buckner, Andrew J 1865-05-00
  Buckner, Anna
  Buckner, Anna (Amy) (Emma) 1902
  Buckner, Annie Mae
  Buckner, Arthur 1891
  Buckner, Arthur Lee before 1947
  Buckner, Arvada 1924
  Buckner, Astor 1908-09-08
  Buckner, Audrey 1904-10-25
  Buckner, Aurelia 1911-06-22
  Buckner, Authur Curton (Charles) 1896-01-01
  Buckner, Bennet 1911-07-05
  Buckner, Beulah
  Buckner, Billie 1922-05-04
  Buckner, Bryan  
  Buckner, Burl
  Buckner, Calvin 1860-06-00
  Buckner, Charlie 1901-02-22
  Buckner, Christene 1906-09-17
  Buckner, Clarence 1917
  Buckner, Clarsie
  Buckner, Claude Elbert 1903
  Buckner, Clay Shelby 1897
  Buckner, Clive (Cecil L) 1911
  Buckner, Consada (Consada) Sadie 1898-03-00
  Buckner, Cora 1883
  Buckner, Crystal  
  Buckner, Darlene 1949
  Buckner, David
  Buckner, David Eugene 1931-07-01
  Buckner, Dee S 1902-09-15
  Buckner, Dennis
  Buckner, Doshie (Docia)
  Buckner, Earl D 1902-06-05
  Buckner, Edgar
  Buckner, Edward 1780
  Buckner, Eldee  
  Buckner, Elihue 1887
  Buckner, Elijah 1831-04-26
  Buckner, Elisha 1831-04-26
  Buckner, Elizabeth 1871-12-25
  Buckner, Emiline about 1832
  Buckner, Emit
  Buckner, Essie 1898
  Buckner, Eugene
  Buckner, Exie Phyllis
  Buckner, Ezie  
  Buckner, Felo (Fealow) 1910-04-26
  Buckner, Frances Marie 1951
  Buckner, Fredrick Gleason 1878-03-10
  Buckner, G (Gene B?) 1882
  Buckner, Gaines (Buddy)  
  Buckner, Gaines L 1869
  Buckner, George Maury (George W) 1925-07-02
  Buckner, Gerald E 1929-05-22
  Buckner, Gladys
  Buckner, Gladys 1903
  Buckner, Gussie Pearl 1940
  Buckner, Harnie 1896-07-00
  Buckner, Henegar 1926
  Buckner, Herbert 1902-08-13
  Buckner, Herbert Hunter from 1876 to 1877
  Buckner, Howard (K) Sebastion 1903-01-11
  Buckner, Ida 1884
  Buckner, Infant 1925-02-08
  Buckner, Ivan 1934
  Buckner, James
  Buckner, James  
  Buckner, James Anderson about 1823
  Buckner, James H 1855-05-25
  Buckner, James L about 1878
  Buckner, James L 1932
  Buckner, James Lester
  Buckner, James Lynn 1915-11-05
  Buckner, Jasper 1844-06-15
  Buckner, Jasper W 1916
  Buckner, Jeannie  
  Buckner, John about 1795
  Buckner, John about 1839
  Buckner, John Andrew
  Buckner, John Lawrence 1837-04-08
  Buckner, Jonny 1921
  Buckner, Joseph 1893
  Buckner, Joseph M about 1852
  Buckner, Josephine Ideller “Dillar” 1891
  Buckner, Julia 1867-09-15
  Buckner, Karen  
  Buckner, Kenneth
  Buckner, Kyle
  Buckner, Lawson D 1857-02-11
  Buckner, Leah 1835
  Buckner, Leah 1840-03-07
  Buckner, Leah 1841
  Buckner, Leah Jane 1879
  Buckner, Leher about 1841
  Buckner, Lena B 1886
  Buckner, Lernida
  Buckner, Levi 1844-04-21
  Buckner, Lloyd
  Buckner, Lola
  Buckner, Lorene Jane 1915-11-05
  Buckner, Lorraine
  Buckner, Lucile 1918
  Buckner, Lucinda between 1843 and 1846
  Buckner, Lydia 1805
  Buckner, Mabel about 1914
  Buckner, Mammie 1898-10-00
  Buckner, Marcus D (MDL) 1874
  Buckner, Marcus deLafayette (Mark D or MD) 1874
  Buckner, Mari Helen
  Buckner, Mark  
  Buckner, Marsha (Martha) 1858
  Buckner, Martha about 1831
  Buckner, Marvel M 1849-06-22
  Buckner, Mary A (R) 1872
  Buckner, Mary Elizabeth 1870
  Buckner, Mary Helen 1871-05-12
  Buckner, Mary Helen 1916-12-15
  Buckner, Maud 1889
  Buckner, Mollie 1916
  Buckner, Nancy about 1834
  Buckner, Nannie B about 1913
  Buckner, Newton 1883-09-10
  Buckner, Newton 1844-06-15
  Buckner, Noah Herbert 1903-03-19
  Buckner, Olge May 1904-07-01
  Buckner, Orlola 1920
  Buckner, Oscar 1897-02-04
  Buckner, Pearl 1899
  Buckner, Rachael about 1827
  Buckner, Ray 1905
  Buckner, Raymond
  Buckner, Rebecca 1839-05-25
  Buckner, Ressie (Reason)
  Buckner, Rhonda  
  Buckner, Ricky  
  Buckner, Robert Jr 1909-11-13
  Buckner, Robert W 1875-04-02
  Buckner, Robert W about 1848
  Buckner, Robert W 1874
  Buckner, Robert W 1872-02-27
  Buckner, Robert W 1848
  Buckner, Robin  
  Buckner, Ronnie  
  Buckner, Rosa V (Resava) 1909
  Buckner, Roy Edward about 1957
  Buckner, Ruble 1947
  Buckner, Ruby  
  Buckner, Sally
  Buckner, Sam 1929
  Buckner, Samuel 1846
  Buckner, Sandra Lynn  
  Buckner, Sarah 1849
  Buckner, Sarah
  Buckner, Shelby 1936
  Buckner, Susannah
  Buckner, Sybil
  Buckner, Thomas 1819-03-22
  Buckner, Thomas Noah 1872-09-10
  Buckner, Thomas Rubin 1907-03-09
  Buckner, Ulyss 1922-02-05
  Buckner, Unavec 1916
  Buckner, Vergie 1908-09-02
  Buckner, Violet  
  Buckner, Walter Ray 1894-08-00
  Buckner, Warren 1921-05-00
  Buckner, Wayne  
  Buckner, Wilburn D 1932-07-13
  Buckner, William
  Buckner, William 1881-08-14
  Buckner, William about 1800
  Buckner, William about 1836
  Buckner, William Franklin 1879-07-27
  Buckner, William Thomas (Willie) 1904
  Buckner, Zola 1918
Burfard Burfard, Albert 1863
Burgess Burgess, 3Children estimated between 1878 and 1883
  Burgess, Adda (AaLee) 1863
  Burgess, Andrew 1869
  Burgess, Andrew J 1893
  Burgess, C George Whitcomb 1879
  Burgess, Callie 1861
  Burgess, Columbus Newton 1857
  Burgess, Early Newlin about 1881
  Burgess, Elisha T 1842
  Burgess, Elizabeth J 1844
  Burgess, Elmer 1901
  Burgess, Galey C between 1884 and 1887
  Burgess, George 1871
  Burgess, Harvey D 1889
  Burgess, Henry G 1854
  Burgess, Henry Jefferson 1891
  Burgess, Ida M 1893
  Burgess, James A 1849
  Burgess, Jefferson 1864
  Burgess, John G 1867
  Burgess, John M 1896
  Burgess, Laura (Lora) 1870
  Burgess, Lemuel
  Burgess, Lilly Ann 1877
  Burgess, Mary E
  Burgess, Mary Jane
  Burgess, Mary M 1846
  Burgess, Mary Polly M 1845
  Burgess, Melissa 1857
  Burgess, Paralee 1863
  Burgess, Rebecca 1891
  Burgess, Samuel G 1896
  Burgess, Sarah A 1860
  Burgess, Sarah A 1872
  Burgess, Sarah M B 1885
  Burgess, Susan May about 1882
  Burgess, Susie M 1890
  Burgess, Walter L 1899
  Burgess, William 1867
  Burgess, William A Green 1877
  Burgess, William E between 1887 and 1900
  Rev Burgess, Green Young 1824
Burnett Burnett, Mary Jane 1862
Burton Burton, Mollie  
Bynum Bynum, Samuel Mark
Caffey Caffey, Bradley Neal 1972-02-23
  Caffey, Preston  
  Caffey, Scarlett Shirley  
Cagle Cagle, Frieda
Calfee Calfee, Martha Elizabeth 1886-01-14
Campbell Campbell, A. D. (A.S.) 1874
  Campbell, Adam C 1838-01-28
  Campbell, Allmon Archie  
  Campbell, Amanda Belle 1881-07-06
  Campbell, Amy  
  Campbell, Andew P 1885-11-06
  Campbell, Andrew Jackson 1862-01-26
  Campbell, Arthur 1885-05-00
  Campbell, Bellie about 1897
  Campbell, Ben Robbie 1913-08-02
  Campbell, Ben Ruby II  
  Campbell, Benjamin  
  Campbell, Bonnie Chloe 1916-02-06
  Campbell, Bruce E 1905
  Campbell, Burnett
  Campbell, Cannon  
  Campbell, Catherine about 1875
  Campbell, Catherine  
  Campbell, Charles 1835-04-09
  Campbell, Charles  
  Campbell, Charles A 1889-08-14
  Campbell, Charles Arthur  
  Campbell, Chuck  
  Campbell, Clara B  
  Campbell, Clara Sue 1947-05-05
  Campbell, Clyde 1905
  Campbell, Cora C 1883
  Campbell, D. A. 1876
  Campbell, Darthula about 1869
  Campbell, Darthula A 1870-03-15
  Campbell, David Alex 1859-02-14
  Campbell, Deborah Jane  
  Campbell, Delanore 1873-10-03
  Campbell, Dellie Burnett 1903-01-08
  Campbell, Delmar C 1901-05-18
  Campbell, Delmar C III  
  Campbell, Delmar C Jr 1926-10-06
  Campbell, Dessie Lee  
  Campbell, Dianne 1945
  Campbell, Dillie M 1890-07-01
  Campbell, Dora about 1895
  Campbell, Dora B 1883-05-13
  Campbell, Eaulis
  Campbell, Ed about 1902
  Campbell, Elbert 1911
  Campbell, Elizabeth 1834-10-09
  Campbell, Elizabeth 1876-01-01
  Campbell, Ella 1890-05-00
  Campbell, Emily  
  Campbell, Emy
  Campbell, Essie Roe 1906-04-18
  Campbell, Eugene Payne 1922
  Campbell, Flarence 1887-10-00
  Campbell, Florence D about 1876
  Campbell, Florence J 1872-01-28
  Campbell, Francis S “Fannie” 1831-01-28
  Campbell, Fred I 1907
  Campbell, Gaylan
  Campbell, Gertrude (Gerdie) 1910-10-24
  Campbell, Glen H 1920
  Campbell, Harley before 1900
  Campbell, Herman B 1904-01-21
  Campbell, Herman B Jr  
  Campbell, Hezekiah 1872-05-00
  Campbell, Holbert
  Campbell, Hugh Homer 1908-04-09
  Campbell, I. D. A. E. or I. J. A. E. 1871
  Campbell, Ida J 1855
  Campbell, Ina B 1918
  Campbell, Infant 1869-02-00
  Campbell, J. A. or AA or LA 1880
  Campbell, James Benjamin 1922-05-19
  Campbell, James Hezekiah 1877-01-06
  Campbell, James Leon 1942-10-26
  Campbell, James R between 1850 and 1851
  Campbell, Janice Faye  
  Campbell, Jessie Elsworth 1892-02-18
  Campbell, Jim  
  Campbell, John 1880-05-19
  Campbell, John Henry 1873-12-11
  Campbell, Joseph 1880-02-00
  Campbell, Joseph L (Joseph Hezekiah Holdway) 1856
  Campbell, Joseph Pearce 1871-01-30
  Campbell, Josephine Idella 1908-06-06
  Campbell, Julia Ann about 1865
  Campbell, June  
  Campbell, Kate K 1873-09-25
  Campbell, Kent Emil 1951-05-17
  Campbell, Kermit 1916
  Campbell, Laune
  Campbell, Laura B 1871-06-24
  Campbell, Lee C (Mrs Lee C Ree...)  
  Campbell, Levi Allen 1902-09-03
  Campbell, Levi Allen Jr  
  Campbell, Lloyd Wesley 1899-12-08
  Campbell, Lolina (Lorena “Rena”) 1870-05-26
  Campbell, Margaret (Mamie)  
  Campbell, Marie  
  Campbell, Martha about 1867
  Campbell, Martha (Patsy) M between 1829-06-00 and 1830
  Campbell, Martha E (Mattie) 1875-10-14
  Campbell, Martha Lincoln (M.L. Holdway) 1863
  Campbell, Mary about 1891
  Campbell, Mary A 1859
  Campbell, Mary Elizabeth 1873
  Campbell, Michele  
  Campbell, Minnie L 1878-09-00
  Campbell, Missy
  Campbell, Nelda 1939
  Campbell, Oletha
  Campbell, Pearl Saule 1899-01-01
  Campbell, Phyllis Kay  
  Campbell, Pierce between 1805 and 1808
  Campbell, Richard
  Campbell, Richard P 1914-10-26
  Campbell, Richard Pettybone 1882-08-24
  Campbell, Robert 1913-08-22
  Campbell, Roddie 1903-08-18
  Campbell, Roy Conrad 1926
  Campbell, Roy T 1892-02-14
  Campbell, Royce 1920
  Campbell, Rusie about 1891
  Campbell, Salley 1878-02-28
  Campbell, Sara Jane 1858
  Campbell, Sarah  
  Campbell, Sarah E (Elizbeth Holdway) 1858
  Campbell, Sarah Jane about 1844
  Campbell, Sarah Jane 1878
  Campbell, Shawn  
  Campbell, Sherell Lynn  
  Campbell, Tabitha Ann 1848-08-24
  Campbell, Thomas  
  Campbell, Tillie
  Campbell, Tom  
  Campbell, Tommy (Infant Son) about 1893
  Campbell, Vinnie
  Campbell, Virla Maxine 1924
  Campbell, Wendy  
  Campbell, William Dennis 1947
  Campbell, William H 1840-01-01
  Campbell, William H 1878-06-30
  Campbell, William Sherman “Willie” 1887-01-06
  Campbell, Wm Allie 1889-02-07
  Campbell, Zora before 1900
Carle Carle, Elizabeth 1800
Carmichael Carmichael, Eva
  Carmichael, George
Carmickle Carmickle, Sarah c 1850
Carns Carns, Douglas  
  Carns, Lester
  Carns, Roger  
Carriger Carriger, Catharine L 1844
  Carriger, Christian 1838
  Carriger, David Nave about 1850
  Carriger, Elizabeth N 1848
  Carriger, Elza A J 1858
  Carriger, Jemima Sarena 1877
  Carriger, Joel L 1879
  Carriger, Joel N 1842
  Carriger, John  
  Carriger, John C 1853
  Carriger, Mary Jane 1839
  Carriger, Rebecca 1816
  Carriger, William L 1851
Carson Carson, Agnes  
  Carson, Alanson
  Carson, Anna  
  Carson, Aurelius
  Carson, Calia Calista
  Carson, Douglas 1807-11-08
  Carson, Elizabeth  
  Carson, Elizabeth  
  Carson, Elizabeth
  Carson, Frances Ann  
  Carson, James 1736
  Carson, James  
  Carson, James
  Carson, James
  Carson, Jane  
  Carson, Laticia 1817-02-25
  Carson, Mabel  
  Carson, Margaret
  Carson, Mary
  Carson, Mary
  Carson, Mary Helm  
  Carson, Mary Montgomery
  Carson, Moses
  Carson, Moses Helm
  Carson, Nancy Porter 1825
  Carson, Robert
  Carson, Robert
  Carson, Sarah  
  Carson, Sarah  
  Carson, Sarah
  Carson, Sarah
  Carson, Susannah  
  Carson, Thomas  
  Carson, Thomas  
  Carson, Thomas
  Carson, Thomas
  Carson, William
  Carson, William  
  Carson, William
  Carson, William
  Carson, child 1814-07-21
Carter Carter, Elizabeth
  Carter, James
  Carter, Mary
Caudle Caudle, Desire Joy
Chance Chance, Alice between 1852 and 1858
Chapman Chapman, Mary C 1788
  Chapman, unknown
Chester Chester, Emma 1844-07-12
Chilton Chilton, Elizabeth
Clark Clark, Faye
  Clark, Julianna
Clawson Clawson, Temperance
Cline Cline, John
  Cline, Thomas R 1876-03-00
Cobb Cobb, Ethel C
  Cobb, Thomas (Tom)
Coleman Coleman, Letitia about 1805
Collier Collier, Husband  
Collins Collins, Catharine 1848
Conrad Conrad, Margrethe
Cook Cook, Charles Autry
  Cook, Clyde Thomas
  Cook, Ida  
  Cook, Lula Mae
  Cook, Ola Mars Sr 1894
  Cook, Ola Morris “Mars” 1928
  Cook, Sammy Davis
Cooper Cooper, Gus David 1876
Corethers Corethers, Sharlot D
Correll Correll, Josie Belle
Cowden Cowden, Mary
  Cowden, Robert
Cricket Cricket, Ronda
Crumm Crumm, Sarah Jane
Crumpecker Crumpecker, Owen
  Crumpecker, Salinda about 1839
Culberson Culberson, Louisa
Cummins Cummins, Martha L
  Cummins, Sophia
Curnell Curnell, Cecil Faye  
  Curnell, Harvey
Curtis Curtis, Ernest
Daniel Daniel, Elias about 1835
  Daniel, Milberry between 1803 and 1807
  Daniel, Sarah about 1832
Dark Dark, Susan A
Davenport Davenport, Emma 1899-09-10
David David, Matildia E 1867
Davis Davis, Allie 1885
  Davis, Clem
  Davis, Elan Harmon “Hood”
  Davis, Eleanor D  
  Davis, Frank
  Davis, Frank 1861
  Davis, George Franklin 1892
  Davis, H Preston  
  Davis, Icey L
  Davis, Irma 1904
  Davis, Isaac 1895
  Davis, James M
  Davis, John F 1891
  Davis, Jonus 1889
  Davis, Joseph M 1898
  Davis, Lou 1902
  Davis, Mary 1897
  Davis, Paul S  
  Davis, Ruth 1891
  Davis, Thomnel 1887
  Davis, Wm R 1879
Dawson Dawson, Anna Mae (Aniemay) about 1901
  Dawson, Benjamin 1888-09-00
  Dawson, Bernice 1903-10-11
  Dawson, Charlie
  Dawson, Elizabeth 1890
  Dawson, Gus
  Dawson, Hester
  Dawson, Ike
  Dawson, Lizzie
  Dawson, Luther 1892-03-13
  Dawson, Margaret Ann
  Dawson, Mary
  Dawson, Mary Brittana 1848-03-03
  Dawson, Oscar 1895
  Dawson, William 1875-10-25
  Dawson, Zela (Zora) about 1905
Deal Deal, Peter
  Deal, Simon  
Decker Decker, Charly A 1877
Denton Denton, Anna Laura about 1916
  Denton, Edna 1909
  Denton, Edward J 1872
  Denton, Floyd 1890-07-01
  Denton, Floyd Edward (Squab)
  Denton, Henry
  Denton, Ruby Mae 1894
  Denton, Thelma 1907
  Denton, Vester Wallace 1902
  Denton, Wm Noah 1916-02-03
Dickerson Dickerson, Thomas  
Dills Dills, Cole T  
  Dills, Drake M  
  Dills, Lainey F  
  Dills, Livia F  
  Dills, Michael  
Dinwiddie Dinwiddie, Alexander  
  Dinwiddie, Andrew  
  Dinwiddie, Arantha  
  Dinwiddie, Barcena  
  Dinwiddie, Bernard  
  Dinwiddie, Elizabeth 1793-11-26
  Dinwiddie, Elizabeth  
  Dinwiddie, Elizabeth  
  Dinwiddie, Harvey
  Dinwiddie, Infant 1815-10-01
  Dinwiddie, James 1755-05-19
  Dinwiddie, James  
  Dinwiddie, James  
  Dinwiddie, James  
  Dinwiddie, James  
  Dinwiddie, James II 1782-10-19
  Dinwiddie, Jane  
  Dinwiddie, Jane (GM to Ward) 1788-08-08
  Dinwiddie, Jedidiah  
  Dinwiddie, John  
  Dinwiddie, Joseph
  Dinwiddie, Joseph  
  Dinwiddie, Martha  
  Dinwiddie, Martha  
  Dinwiddie, Mary  
  Dinwiddie, Mary
  Dinwiddie, Mary  
  Dinwiddie, Moses Steele 1799-03-08
  Dinwiddie, Nancy
  Dinwiddie, Newton
  Dinwiddie, Sarah  
  Dinwiddie, Sarah  
  Dinwiddie, Sarah  
  Dinwiddie, Sophia  
  Dinwiddie, Thomas Helm 1791-07-02
  Dinwiddie, Thomas Helm
  Dinwiddie, Tilatha  
  Dinwiddie, William 1777-09-16
  Dinwiddie, William
  Dinwiddie, William  
Dixon Dixon, Betty 1852
  Dixon, Elizabeth about 1768
  Dixon, James
  Dixon, James about 1776
  Dixon, James  
  Dixon, John  
  Dixon, Joseph  
  Dixon, MM
  Dixon, Mary 1821-09-07
  Dixon, Moses Helm about 1780
  Dixon, Polly  
  Dixon, Sally  
  Dixon, Sarah about 1779
  Dixon, Sarah 1809-12-26
  Dixon, Susan 1816-10-30
  Dixon, Thomas
  Dixon, Thomas H  
  Dixon, Unknown
  Dixon, William  
  Dixon, William E 1781-05-16
  Dixon, William E
Dockery Dockery, Lourany before 1800
  Dockery, Martha 1930
  Dockery, Samuel 1893
Dodson Dodson
  Dodson, Christopher McCoy  
Doss Doss, Eliz  
  Doss, Overstreet
Dotson Dotson, Bennie  
  Dotson, William
Dover Dover, Hazel
Dreskell Dreskell, Arlena 1843-11-08
  Dreskell, Christina 1837-02-19
  Dreskell, Clarisa Jane 1842-10-15
  Dreskell, David 1818-02-02
  Dreskell, David 1853-11-10
  Dreskell, Elizabeth 1839-05-09
  Dreskell, Harden 1856-03-02
  Dreskell, James 1846-02-02
  Dreskell, John 1849-02-10
  Dreskell, Letisha 1861-03-26
  Dreskell, Sarah L 1858-09-23
  Dreskell, William 1851-05-12
Driskill Driskill
Dugger Dugger  
Duncan Duncan, John William 1874
Dyke Dyke, Mary 1845-05-23
Eaker Eaker, Sarah 1804-07-22
Early Early, Alean 1831
  Early, Charles 1833
  Early, Easton 1829
  Early, Emily 1869
  Early, Emma about 1864
  Early, Giles 1826
  Early, Giles H 1862
  Early, Harriett 1846-07-07
  Early, Ida Lea 1866
  Early, John C about 1860
  Early, Jubal 1795
  Early, Jubal about 1862
  Early, Malinda J 1870-04-27
  Early, Mary L 1858
  Early, Samuel 1841-07-15
  Early, Samuel H 1876-05-20
  Early, Warren 1852
  Early, William C 1854
  Early, Willie Robert 1873-09-28
  Early, Yancy about 1866
Easter Easter, Phillis  
Eckert Eckert, Catherine
  Eckert, Catherine
  Eckert, Christina
  Eckert, George 1795
  Eckert, Martin
  Eckert, William 1778
Eddington Eddington, Maggie M 1886-08-20
Edgar Edgar, Mary
Edington Edington, Ezzabel 1852
  Edington, Isham 1835
  Edington, Mary Jane 1830
Eillagood? Eillagood?, Betty Elizabeth 1841-11-05
  Eillagood?, Geo
Ekert Ekert, Mary (Maria) Batbara between 1730 and 1735
Elkins Elkins, Sophronia M
Eller Eller, Robert L
Ellis Ellis, Lucinda 1828-09-26
Emerson Emerson, Allen
  Emerson, Henry Harvey 1820-06-12
  Emerson, Martha Jane 1843-12-30
English Capt English, S W
  English, Ollie M 1853
Eoff Eoff, Amanda 1857
  Eoff, Frank D 1867
  Eoff, Green 1855
  Eoff, James 1861
  Eoff, Mary A 1853
  Eoff, Samuel 1859
  Eoff, William A
Epps Epps, Asa Arthur 1891-10-02
  Epps, Chlorus Marion 1896-10-31
  Epps, Cloyd Rose 1894-12-19
  Epps, Freddie about 1898
  Epps, Lawrence 1900-02-05
  Epps, Rosa Grace 1911-06-08
  Epps, Stephan Alonz Conner 1872-11-27
  Epps, Wallas Morgan 1908-01-03
  Epps, William Byrd 1894-02-04
  Epps, William Joshua (T)
Estep Estep, Abner 1821-07-14
  Estep, Elijah about 1854
  Estep, Henry 1793
  Estep, Henry about 1849
  Estep, Jane about 1814
  Estep, Mary 1816-05-31
  Estep, Mary about 1847
  Estep, Melissa about 1813
  Estep, Ruthy 1823-06-14
  Estep, Sarah 1794
  Estep, Sarah “Sallie” about 1815
  Estep, William about 1852
Evans Evans, Emma Lee (Elizabeth) 1845-12-08
Fair Fair, Malvina Martha
Farmer Farmer, Mary B 1843
  Farmer, Samuel F 1865
  Farmer, William P 1827
Faubian Faubian, Susan 1837-04-08
Felknor Felknor, Harvey  
Fields Fields, Elizabeth Salley 1833
  Fields, Henery Green 1836
  Fields, Jane A 1838
  Fields, John
  Fields, John A 1840
  Fields, Lucinda Jane
  Fields, Rosa Lee
  Fields, Samuel Smith 1835
  Fields, Willie M
Fisher Fisher, George W
  Fisher, Jacob 1784-03-31
  Fisher, Jacob
  Fisher, Mary Eunice
  Fisher, Rebecca 1808
  Fisher, Tennessee Hall
Fleming Fleming, Thomas 1905-03-05
Floruerree Floruerree, Elizabeth
  Floruerree, French
Flynn Flynn, Thomas
Foland Foland, Ada B 1905
  Foland, Amanda C 1894
  Foland, Annie 1889
  Foland, Arasmis 1827
  Foland, Artis 1889
  Foland, Daniel Benjamin 1836
  Foland, Frances
  Foland, Francis about 1873
  Foland, George 1837
  Foland, George Edd 1890
  Foland, George Porter 1861
  Foland, Grace 1897
  Foland, Harold 1910
  Foland, Harriet 1829
  Foland, Hattie about 1868
  Foland, Ida M 1893
  Foland, Jacob
  Foland, Jacob 1834
  Foland, James Walker 1911
  Foland, John W 1881
  Foland, Louise 1908
  Foland, Lucretia 1860
  Foland, Luretta 1902
  Foland, Luther 1866
  Foland, Mable F 1897
  Foland, Madge 1914
  Foland, Mary B about 1876
  Foland, Matilda 1825
  Foland, Mildred 1915
  Foland, Morris (Maurice) 1871
  Foland, Newton 1840
  Foland, Newton about 1870
  Foland, Oscar about 1866
  Foland, Paul Luther 1898
  Foland, Pearl P 1894
  Foland, Richard about 1879
  Foland, Rose E about 1873
  Foland, Victoria 1905
  Foland, William W 1862-06-16
Fortner Fortner, Barnet
  Fortner, Barnet 1841
  Fortner, Emaline
  Fortner, Henry
  Fortner, Lancy
  Fortner, Martha 1858
  Fortner, Silas 1860
  Fortner, Wesley
  Fortner, William 1836
Fowler Fowler  
  Fowler, Alex 1896-05-09
  Fowler, Alexander 1831-11-14
  Fowler, Andrew 1856-01-21
  Fowler, Cora  
  Fowler, Darkas about 1864
  Fowler, Dorthula 1860-10-17
  Fowler, Effic 1890
  Fowler, James  
  Fowler, Jessee 1902
  Fowler, John about 1870
  Fowler, Joseph 1862-05-20
  Fowler, Katie 1905-11-28
  Fowler, Lula Catherine 1901
  Fowler, Martha L 1867-04-04
  Fowler, Payne A 1871-07-28
  Fowler, Phobee (Phebe) 1855
Fox Fox, Alice 1857
  Fox, Charles Alexander 1883
  Fox, Guilford
  Fox, Ida Belle 1881
Franklin Franklin, Bridgett Evans
  Franklin, Mary
Franks Franks, Etta
Freshour Freshour
  Freshour, 1  
  Freshour, 2  
  Freshour, Joseph 1876
  Freshour, Sallie 1878-12-00
Fritts Fritts, James M
  Fritts, John  
  Fritts, John
Fritz Fritz, Alexander
  Fritz, Mary Sophrinia 1883
Gallant Gallant, Berthie (Bertha) S
  Gallant, Bertie 1885
  Gallant, Brouce R 1910
  Gallant, Cora Willie Agnes 1887
  Gallant, Floyd
  Gallant, Frank 1879
  Gallant, Fred 1898
  Gallant, Grover 1892
  Gallant, Johnny W 1906
  Gallant, Julia Thelma about 1907
  Gallant, Lake 1894
  Gallant, Lee 1883
  Gallant, Mallie
  Gallant, Mamie B 1898
  Gallant, Melonie Willis 1878
  Gallant, Milton John 1876
  Gallant, Ome 1881
  Gallant, Taylor 1884
  Gallant, Virgil Lee 1902
  Gallant, William F 1899
  Gallant, William J 1854
Galyon Galyon, Sonny  
Garcia Garcia, Earnest Raymond
Gardener Gardener, Ada about 1826
Garrett Garrett, Mae
Gentry Gentry, Allesn (Allen) 1854
  Gentry, Christopher Columbus 1837-10-02
  Gentry, Clara 1871
  Gentry, Edgar M (Edward) 1878
  Gentry, Elizabeth about 1800
  Gentry, Ella B (Ellen) 1873
  Gentry, Jane 1849-03-16
  Gentry, John H
  Gentry, John H about 1800
  Gentry, John N 1844-02-04
  Gentry, John N before 1800
  Gentry, Lucy about 1800
  Gentry, Martin Luther 1876
  Gentry, Mary Ann (Polly) 1833
  Gentry, Nancy Lucasie 1842
  Gentry, Phoebe Caroline 1856-03-10
  Gentry, Preston Columbus 1874
  Gentry, Sarah 1836
  Gentry, Sarah
  Gentry, Sarah (Sally) before 1800
  Gentry, Schyler Colfax 1870-01-21
  Gentry, Stephen M 1846-12-18
  Gentry, William Alexander 1851-08-15
  Gentry, William Oliver 1879
  Gentry, William S 1811-05-27
Gibbons Gibbons, Evan  
  Gibbons, Logan  
  Gibbons, Sarah  
Gibson Gibson, Finney Tinney 1900
  Gibson, Lydia 1903
  Gibson, Newton F 1898
  Gibson, Robert Vinson 1896
  Gibson, Roxie 1894
  Gibson, William
Gilbert Gilbert, Cyrenea Jane 1816
  Gilbert, Elizabeth
  Gilbert, Elizabeth Dinwiddie 1808
  Gilbert, James Zepohinia 1809
  Gilbert, Jarvis Samuel 1811
  Gilbert, Nancy Ann about 1752
  Gilbert, Rhody
  Gilbert, Samuel 1786
  Gilbert, Samuel
  Gilbert, Sarah H 1813
  Gilbert, Sarah ann suzanna 1818
  Gilbert, the baby 1824
Gill Gill, Ellen 1865
Glass Glass, Nancy  
  Glass, Vincent
Godwin Godwin, Callie O'Dora 1907-09-20
Goheen Goheen, Amanda M 1858
  Goheen, Clara J 1863
  Goheen, David 1843
  Goheen, Davis 1801
  Goheen, Joseph M 1857
  Goheen, Margaret 1860
  Goheen, Mary 1838
  Goheen, Ruth 1846
  Goheen, Sarah 1824
  Goheen, Sarah A 1855
Good Good, Bob  
  Good, Jan  
  Good, Michael  
Goodman Goodman, Elizabeth Betsey  
  Goodman, L Gail 1943
Grant Grant, Alice Caroline 1878-12-16
  Grant, Amanda Catherine 1836-07-12
  Grant, Anna 1873
  Grant, Benjamin F 1876
  Grant, Bessie between 1903 and 1905
  Grant, CJ
  Grant, Caney about 1906
  Grant, Catherine Josephine 1838-07-23
  Grant, Clara A 1886
  Grant, David between 1847 and 1850
  Grant, David about 1898
  Grant, David H 1898-06-00
  Grant, Debbie  
  Grant, Donald 1928-05-19
  Grant, Elizabeth (Lizzie) 1882
  Grant, Elmer E 1899-12-00
  Grant, Eugene (Eugenia by 1920 census) about 1908
  Grant, Evelyn  
  Grant, Fern 1905-07-22
  Grant, Francena about 1938
  Grant, Fred  
  Grant, Gary  
  Grant, Geo Cumberland 1834-05-10
  Grant, George A 1909-06-27
  Grant, George Washington 1886
  Grant, George Washington Jr 1925
  Grant, Helen B about 1919
  Grant, Hester Lilly 1882-04-09
  Grant, Hobert  
  Grant, Homer A about 1910
  Grant, Hubert 1931
  Grant, Infant 1877-10-02
  Grant, Inis Lilly (Ines) 1915
  Grant, Jackie  
  Grant, James 1871
  Grant, James A about 1904
  Grant, James Alonzo Marshall 1841-02-19
  Grant, Jane A about 1816
  Grant, Jewel 1912
  Grant, Jewel V 1908-07-26
  Grant, John between 1878 and 1879
  Grant, John Allen
  Grant, Johnny Absalom 1884-12-00
  Grant, Joseph
  Grant, Joseph 1877
  Grant, Joseph 1897
  Grant, Joseph Harvey 1836-09-01
  Grant, Joseph Harvey 1887
  Grant, Julia about 1838
  Grant, Kathleen 1878
  Grant, Laura 1896
  Grant, Laura E 1873
  Grant, LeaUna Janie 1872-10-30
  Grant, Lillian 1898
  Grant, Mae 1881
  Grant, Maggie
  Grant, Marha J before 1836
  Grant, Mary Elizabeth 1832-10-08
  Grant, Mary H or F 1851
  Grant, Mary Ruth  
  Grant, Michael Allen  
  Grant, Minnie C 1902-03-07
  Grant, Morna M 1926
  Grant, Nannie about 1871
  Grant, Nannie between 1883 and 1887
  Grant, Nannie 1883
  Grant, Nellie (Mellie in 1920 census) about 1906
  Grant, Neoma J 1934
  Grant, Niner Florence 1875-02-02
  Grant, Paul A about 1906
  Grant, Paul Douglass  
  Grant, Phyllis  
  Grant, Randy Allen  
  Grant, Ray Anthony  
  Grant, Robert Lewis 1935-07-05
  Grant, Ruby Florence 1909
  Grant, Ruth L about 1901
  Grant, Ruth P about 1918
  Grant, Ruthy 1903
  Grant, Samuel 1883
  Grant, Samuel Edgar 1869-08-01
  Grant, Samuel Taylor 1804-11-06
  Grant, Ted 1926
  Grant, Thelma between 1909 and 1912
  Grant, Thelma 1920
  Grant, Theodrick Bradford 1844-12-18
  Grant, Theophilus Lafayette 1868-11-20
  Grant, Vera 1893
  Grant, Virginia V about 1914
  Grant, Wendi  
  Grant, William before 1836
  Grant, uncertain about 1816
Graves Graves, Mary M
Gray Gray, Paul
Green Green, Brenda  
  Green, Hazel Marie 1892
Griffey Griffey, Sarah
Grindstaff Grindstaff, Hannah  
  Grindstaff, Justin  
  Grindstaff, Margaret 1862
  Grindstaff, Mark  
  Grindstaff, Mary
  Grindstaff, Rosa 1893
  Grindstaff, Seth  
Guthery Guthery, Caroline
  Guthery, Elbert 1853
  Guthery, Lewis S 1859
  Guthery, Mary E (or C) 1861
  Guthery, Robert W 1862
  Guthery, Sarah E 1869
  Guthery, Thomas J 1854
  Guthery, William Bartley 1866
  Guthery, William H 1828
Hackler Hackler, Belle 1895
  Hackler, Charlie 1896
  Hackler, Chrisley 1870
  Hackler, Dowel 1871
  Hackler, Elizabeth 1865
  Hackler, George Dewey (Dewee) 1898
  Hackler, George Elmer 1902
  Hackler, George H 1845
  Hackler, Gideon 1875
  Hackler, Harrison (Harry) Oliver 1912
  Hackler, James 1866
  Hackler, James Arthur 1905
  Hackler, James Henry
  Hackler, Jane 1838
  Hackler, John 1845
  Hackler, Joseph Harding 1910
  Hackler, Lennie 1899
  Hackler, Mary 1849
  Hackler, Mary E 1869
  Hackler, Melinda 1842
  Hackler, Richard Lee 1907
  Hackler, Robert W  
  Hackler, Sarah Ann 1847
  Hackler, Thomas 1841
  Hackler, Vadine
  Hackler, Velmer 1903
  Hackler, W F Bill 1894
  Hackler, Warren G
  Hackler, William Fritz
Hall Hall, Absola B
Hamby Hamby, Clara Mae 1903
Hamilton Hamilton, Eva
Hammel Hammel, Rhode
Hampton Hampton, Amanda
Hansel Hansel, Careless (Horace, Carlas) about 1831
  Hansel, Martha “Minnie” 1872
  Hansel, William 1874
Hansell Hansell, Alexander 1832
  Hansell, Careless 1841
  Hansell, Elizabeth 1837
  Hansell, Emily 1834
  Hansell, Henry about 1808
  Hansell, James 1830
  Hansell, Martha 1843
  Hansell, Mary about 1800
  Hansell, Reuben 1835
  Hansell, Sarah 1839
  Hansell, William  
Hardin Hardin, Jemima Nave 1826
Harren Harren, Betty Ann 1888-05-08
  Harren, Calvin Green
  Harren, John W 1886-03-00
  Harren, Thomas C 1884
Harris Harris, Cassandra
  Harris, Mary C Webster
Harrison Harrison, Reba 1923
Harron Harron, Henry H 1890-06-04
Harvey Harvey, Robert
Haun Haun, Annie M between 1900 and 1901
  Haun, CB Charles Randolph 1865-05-05
  Haun, Charles D
  Haun, Charles F 1915
  Haun, Clark 1901-11-16
  Haun, Clay 1908
  Haun, Delta
  Haun, Diora E 1875
  Haun, Flora 1904
  Haun, George Clark 1909-03-20
  Haun, HL (Hannah) 1873-12-14
  Haun, Henry 1908
  Haun, Malcolm 1911
  Haun, Mandel
  Haun, Mary L about 1860
  Haun, Minnie 1906
  Haun, Rebecca Ann 1867-04-02
  Haun, Tedy R 1913
  Haun, Thomas Dudley 1872-01-05
  Haun, Una B 1906
  Haun, W C (Coleman Campbell)? about 1863
  Haun, W Clark about 1828
Heaton Heaton, Sarah A
Helm Helm, --
  Helm, Abiah 1813-09-08
  Helm, Alanson 1827
  Helm, Alban Foster 1861
  Helm, Albert Dennie 1898-08-08
  Helm, Albert James 1861
  Helm, Alean Chamberlain 1846-07-05
  Helm, Aleanore Emeline 1896
  Helm, Alene Ann 1818-03-12
  Helm, Allen Jackson 1856
  Helm, Amanda Helen 1858
  Helm, Andrew S 1832
  Helm, Ann E 1854
  Helm, Audrey Irene 1925-03-25
  Helm, Audrus E 1890
  Helm, Audry Catherine 1890
  Helm, Barbara Jo  
  Helm, Bell Ann 1865-08-27
  Helm, Benjamin 1809
  Helm, Benjamin 1856
  Helm, Benjamine F 1855
  Helm, Bryan Davis  
  Helm, Carter  
  Helm, Charles Andrew  
  Helm, Charles J 1874
  Helm, Charles O 1861
  Helm, Charles Walter  
  Helm, Charlie Franklin 1898
  Helm, Christopher 1859
  Helm, Christopher Thomas 1858
  Helm, Clarice Marie 1888
  Helm, Claude 1906-03-15
  Helm, Claudia Jean  
  Helm, Claudius 1885
  Helm, Clyde Edward 1905
  Helm, Cristine Cecelia  
  Helm, Cynthia A after 1854
  Helm, Cynthia Eunice 1918
  Helm, Daniel Curtis 1953-04-29
  Helm, Daniel Giles  
  Helm, David 1828
  Helm, David Monroe 1901
  Helm, David Randall  
  Helm, Debra Ann  
  Helm, Denise Charlene  
  Helm, Dora 1882
  Helm, Douglas Alan  
  Helm, Douglas Wymore 1860
  Helm, Douglas Wymore II 1927
  Helm, Edgar about 1869
  Helm, Edgar Dennie 1869-06-07
  Helm, Edgar Franklin 1922
  Helm, Eldora Florence 1879-10-15
  Helm, Eliza 1811-02-06
  Helm, Elizabeth 1739-11-15
  Helm, Elizabeth 1780-12-10
  Helm, Elizabeth 1812-08-27
  Helm, Elizabeth 1787-05-31
  Helm, Elizabeth 1814-12-28
  Helm, Elizabeth 1830
  Helm, Elizabeth A 1852-01-16
  Helm, Emma Jane 1872
  Helm, Erin Elizabeth  
  Helm, Fannie 1894-02-10
  Helm, Fern Elizabeth 1915-04-24
  Helm, Floyd E 1895
  Helm, Francis Elizabeth 1872-03-11
  Helm, Francis Saphronia 1848-03-17
  Helm, Freda R 1907
  Helm, Freda Ruth 1914
  Helm, Gary Stewart  
  Helm, George 1828
  Helm, George Douglas 1866-02-04
  Helm, George W 1873
  Helm, Georgia Catherine 1911
  Helm, Gordan Keith  
  Helm, Grant Lee 1926-11-29
  Helm, Harriett K 1822-12-20
  Helm, Hartley E 1915
  Helm, Hazel Eileen 1915
  Helm, Henry Edgar  
  Helm, Herbert Clarence 1894
  Helm, Ida 1886
  Helm, Jacob Thomas 1847
  Helm, James 1776-11-24
  Helm, James 1779-11-01
  Helm, James about 1863
  Helm, James 1809
  Helm, James 1835
  Helm, James 1853
  Helm, James A MD 1857
  Helm, James David 1868-05-20
  Helm, James David 1828
  Helm, James Gould 1833
  Helm, James Lloyd  
  Helm, James Russell 1925
  Helm, James William 1841-10-30
  Helm, Jane 1752-05-25
  Helm, Jane 1782-10-21
  Helm, Jane 1807-07-08
  Helm, Jane 1824
  Helm, Jeffrey Lynn  
  Helm, Jennifer Lynn  
  Helm, Jessie 1897-01-18
  Helm, Joel David  
  Helm, John 1741-08-14
  Helm, John 1790-02-01
  Helm, John about 1861
  Helm, John 1815
  Helm, John 1826
  Helm, John 1825
  Helm, John 1854
  Helm, John Monroe 1861-10-08
  Helm, John Raymond  
  Helm, Joseph about 1864
  Helm, Joseph Everett 1882
  Helm, Keaton  
  Helm, Kenneth Robert 1927
  Helm, Latitia M 1820-01-13
  Helm, Laura Ashton  
  Helm, Lena Mae 1907
  Helm, Leroy Campbell 1829-07-03
  Helm, Lloyd Lannes 1890
  Helm, Lucian G 1893
  Helm, Luke Allen  
  Helm, Mabel Ruth 1911-10-05
  Helm, Mahala 1880
  Helm, Malvina Viola 1874-12-21
  Helm, Margaret 1800-09-13
  Helm, Margaret Emeline 1843
  Helm, Marie Louise 1932-12-11
  Helm, Marie Louise 1871-03-30
  Helm, Marion Delia 1909
  Helm, Marion Wilson 1845-04-23
  Helm, Marshall Pillow 1850-09-15
  Helm, Martha 1823
  Helm, Martha Elizabeth 1854-11-13
  Helm, Martha Francis 1862
  Helm, Martha Idell 1851
  Helm, Martha Watkins 1808-08-27
  Helm, Mary 1743-10-23
  Helm, Mary 1787-05-31
  Helm, Mary 1820
  Helm, Mary A 1872
  Helm, Mary Agnes 1860
  Helm, Mary Ann 1811
  Helm, Mary Ann 1835
  Helm, Mary B about 1859
  Helm, Mary Catherine after 1854
  Helm, Mary Catherine 1846-10-16
  Helm, Mary Elizabeth about 1839
  Helm, Mary Ella 1841
  Helm, Mary Iona 1916
  Helm, Mary Jane 1827
  Helm, Mary M  
  Helm, Mary Margaret
  Helm, Mary Moore  
  Helm, Melissa J 1864
  Helm, Michael Dale  
  Helm, Milton Moore  
  Helm, Minnie Ellen 1875
  Helm, Minnie Louise 1918
  Helm, Moses about 1710
  Helm, Moses 1777-10-08
  Helm, Moses 1832
  Helm, Moses Franklin 1850-11-20
  Helm, Moses Herschel 1848
  Helm, Moses Watkins 1806-06-13
  Helm, Nancy 1845
  Helm, Nancy “Betty” Elizabeth 1850
  Helm, Nancy Abigail 1840-08-17
  Helm, Nancy Gilbert 1802-07-08
  Helm, Nancy Gilbert 1812-03-31
  Helm, Nancy Jane 1838
  Helm, Nelle  
  Helm, Nellie 1891-09-06
  Helm, Newton Columbus 1852-11-20
  Helm, Paul McDonald 1915
  Helm, Rebecca 1840
  Helm, Rebecca (Jane) Janice 1894
  Helm, Richard Brian  
  Helm, Robert 1837
  Helm, Robert Alain  
  Helm, Robert Alcorn 1835-08-25
  Helm, Robert Alcorn Jr 1863
  Helm, Robert Raymond 1886
  Helm, Robert Scott  
  Helm, Roger  
  Helm, Roger McCoy 1936-09-13
  Helm, Rosa Ella 1866-11-24
  Helm, Roscoe Everette 1893
  Helm, Roy Raymond 1886
  Helm, Samuel 1779-11-23
  Helm, Samuel George about 1845
  Helm, Samuel H 1857
  Helm, Samuel Marks 1816-09-01
  Helm, Samuel W about 1854
  Helm, Sarah 1809-04-29
  Helm, Sarah 1755-10-08
  Helm, Sarah about 1856
  Helm, Sarah 1818
  Helm, Sarah 1857
  Helm, Sarah Charlotte 1832
  Helm, Sarah Elizabeth  
  Helm, Sarah Jameson 1810-06-20
  Helm, Sarah Jane after 1858
  Helm, Sarah Latticia 1873
  Helm, Sarah Malvina 1863-10-29
  Helm, Sarah Sally 1779-11-01
  Helm, Sheldon Douglas  
  Helm, Skelton 1821-04-13
  Helm, Stephen Grant 1951-10-26
  Helm, Sumner 1830
  Helm, Susannah 1750-06-17
  Helm, Tammy P  
  Helm, Taylor  
  Helm, Teresa Jan  
  Helm, Thelmas Thomas 1914
  Helm, Thomas 1748-07-22
  Helm, Thomas 1784-09-06
  Helm, Thomas
  Helm, Thomas 1820
  Helm, Thomas  
  Helm, Thomas C. 1799-01-12
  Helm, Thomas Carson 1822-09-28
  Helm, Thomas Dwight  
  Helm, Thomas Henry 1883-03-25
  Helm, Thomas McDonald 1857-12-11
  Helm, Thomas Mitchell 1961
  Helm, Thomas Monroe 1843
  Helm, Thomas Scott  
  Helm, Verna Mae 1900
  Helm, Virginia Malvina 1873
  Helm, Walter  
  Helm, Walter A  
  Helm, Walter Lee 1904-10-31
  Helm, Wesley O  
  Helm, Wilber 1848
  Helm, Willard E  
  Helm, William 1745-09-11
  Helm, William 1775-02-01
  Helm, William 1804-04-17
  Helm, William 1825
  Helm, William 1808
  Helm, William  
  Helm, William Douglas 1896
  Helm, William F  
  Helm, William George 1836
  Helm, William Harrison 1920
  Helm, William Joseph 1926-11-15
  Helm, William T 1860
  Helm, William Thomas 1902
  Helm, Zirelda 1839
  Helm, infant 1811
Hendrix Hendrix, Della M 1889
  Hendrix, Jewell  
  Hendrix, Maude (Dicus)
  Hendrix, Richard 1852
  Hendrix, Richard Jr
Henry Henry, Caroline Yvette 1954
  Henry, Inas Leeona
  Henry, Luther Morton (Dood) 1931
  Henry, Virgil Dwight  
  Henry, Zola Ann Anne  
Herburck Herburck, Muriel
Hicks Hicks, Minnie Ethel
Higgins Higgins, Betty Jean 1932
Hinds Hinds, Ollie Mae 1882
Hinkle Hinkle, Elizabeth 1798-05-15
Holdway Holdway, Sarah 1778
Holoway Holoway
  Holoway, Elbert 1868
  Holoway, Hezekiah 1814
  Holoway, Hezekiah Jr 1867
  Holoway, James 1843
  Holoway, Sarah 1840
  Holoway, Susan 1833
  Holoway, Unknown
  Holoway, William 1837
Holt Holt, Arvil about 1927
  Holt, Bernice 1902
  Holt, Berry about 1912
  Holt, Burnett about 1922
  Holt, Carrie Ollie 1891
  Holt, Charles W
  Holt, Dan 1880-08-06
  Holt, Dewey B 1898
  Holt, Earnest about 1913
  Holt, Edgar
  Holt, Emma about 1902
  Holt, Ethel about 1902
  Holt, Florence 1889
  Holt, Frank 1872-04-16
  Holt, Gladys
  Holt, Guy or Gay about 1911
  Holt, Harold 1925
  Holt, Hazel 1916-02-16
  Holt, Hershel about 1919
  Holt, Ina Mae between 1920 and 1921
  Holt, James 1929
  Holt, Joe 1871
  Holt, Julius
  Holt, Junells 1924
  Holt, Lillia M 1893
  Holt, Lizzie 1896-11-00
  Holt, Lydia Belle  
  Holt, Margaret  
  Holt, Martha 1818
  Holt, Mary M about 1923
  Holt, Maude 1906
  Holt, Minnie 1887
  Holt, Minnie 1899-04-00
  Holt, Nellie
  Holt, Nora 1895
  Holt, Norma 1922
  Holt, Norma (Dora) about 1925
  Holt, Pauline 1920
  Holt, Quentin (Zeb Turner) 1922-07-22
  Holt, Ruth 1918
  Holt, Thomas about 1921
  Holt, Thomas 1910-02-09
  Holt, Tilman
  Holt, W T 1866-06-00
  Holt, William H 1865-02-00
  Holt, William Manley 1902
Horn Horn, Canass about 1855
  Horn, George about 1864
  Horn, George
  Horn, John Dallas about 1813
  Horn, John Dallas about 1862
  Horn, McEwing about 1859
Hoss Hoss, Beulah 1904
Howard Howard, Anthony  
  Howard, James W. “Jack”  
  Howard, Nadeane  
  Howard, Ray  
Howell Howell, Elizabeth C 1825-11-22
  Howell, Mary Ann
Hubbard Hubbard, Susannah
Hudson Hudson, Calvin M
  Hudson, Creed W 1860
  Hudson, Jasper William 1864
  Hudson, John Jackson
  Hudson, Laomy 1855
  Hudson, Obediah 1791-05-23
  Hudson, Rachel 1856
  Hudson, Sarah 1793-04-11
  Hudson, Sarah Jane 1859
  Hudson, Thomas A 1868
Hunt Hunt, Sue  
Hunter Hunter, Thomas
Hyder Hyder, Martha 1826
Hykes Hykes, Elsie
Ikerd Ikerd, Catharine
Ingle Ingle, Nancy
Irby Irby, Novia
  Irby, Sybil 1905
  Irby, Wilson Huston
Isue Kov Isue Kov, V. G.
Jacobs Jacobs, James Columbus 1863-08-12
James James, Mary Elizabeth
Jamison Jamison, Sarah about 1710
Jenkins Jenkins, Flora
Johnson Johnson
  Johnson, Maggie 1875
  Johnson, Sallie 1879
  Johnson, Sarah Jane 1860
Jones Jones, Aratha  
  Jones, James Jackson 1879
  Jones, W R
  Jones, Whit James  
  Jones, Whitman Hunt 1839
Jordan Jordan, Maude E 1891
  Jordan, Nellie 1889
  Jordan, Walter B 1894
  Jordan, William 1865
  Jordan, Wm F 1896
Jwire Jwire, Eliza M
Kelley Kelley, William C
Kelly Kelly, Barbara
Kent Kent, Bernice  
  Kent, Charles Almer 1898-11-21
  Kent, Effie  
  Kent, Etta JANE 1923-09-16
  Kent, Frances  
  Kent, Harry 1857-07-27
  Kent, Harry William 1876-09-09
  Kent, Heber 1878
  Kent, Irene  
  Kent, Joseph 1881
  Kent, Milton U 1891-09-17
  Kent, Morris  
  Kent, Morris J 1914-03-18
  Kent, Tom  
  Kent, Vicky  
Kespelher Kespelher, Lola Monta 1893
Kiehl Kiehl, Alice Julia 1889
  Kiehl, Alma 1882
  Kiehl, Clarissa M 1893
  Kiehl, Edythe E 1884
  Kiehl, Ethel Adelaide 1895
  Kiehl, Louis 1859
  Kiehl, Myrtle 1889
  Kiehl, Wanda 1888-07-10
Kime Kime  
  Kime, Christine  
  Kime, Donna  
Knight Knight, Charles 1859
  Knight, Mary Elizabeth 1886
  Knight, Talmage Eugene 1884
Kropff Kropff, Nancy Elizabeth 1855
  Kropff, Owen
Kyker Kyker, Ruby
Kyle Kyle, Martha Adaline 1841-06-12
Lane Lane, Alice Myrtle 1885
  Lane, Ernest Denver 1900
  Lane, Fredrick Raymond 1884
  Lane, Henry Arthur 1882
  Lane, John Hubert 1889
  Lane, John Wesley 1850
  Lane, Mable Ermalec 1895
  Lane, Naomi Ruth 1898
  Lane, Wm R 1880
Latuch Latuch, Barbara
Leah Leah, Leher about 1802
Leath Leath, Peter C
Lee Lee, DeGrafton  
  Lee, Dee
  Lee, Elizabeth  
  Lee, James  
  Lee, Mary  
  Lee, Moses  
  Lee, Richard Henry
  Lee, Sarah  
  Lee, Thomas Helm  
  Lee, Thomas Helm II  
  Lee, Wade  
  Lee, William  
  Lee, William Miller Dr 1764
Lehman Lehman, Maria' 1847-05-05
Leonovich Leonovich, James Alex 1952-12-17
Lewis Lewis, Mattie  
Leyman Leyman, William
Littrell Littrell, Mary
Lorance Lorance, John 1771
  Lorance, Mary
  Lorance, Sophia 1808-10-26
  Lorance, Sophia Elizabeth
Lovell Lovell, Hawkins 1815
  Lovell, Henry
  Lovell, Mary 1842-08-12
Lovin Lovin, Elizabeth Louise 1851
Lovingood Lovingood  
  Lovingood, Addie Rae  
  Lovingood, Alice 1896
  Lovingood, Allen 1890
  Lovingood, Arthur 1880
  Lovingood, Callie 1876
  Lovingood, Celia 1864
  Lovingood, Dorcus 1880
  Lovingood, Dovie 1895
  Lovingood, Edgar 1897
  Lovingood, Eliza Jane  
  Lovingood, Eta Mae  
  Lovingood, Ethel Mae  
  Lovingood, Frank 1894
  Lovingood, Gaither 1857
  Lovingood, Harmon Max  
  Lovingood, Harmond David  
  Lovingood, Harrison 1893
  Lovingood, Horace  
  Lovingood, James  
  Lovingood, Jimmy  
  Lovingood, John  
  Lovingood, John
  Lovingood, John Ray  
  Lovingood, Josephine 1878
  Lovingood, Kermit 1905-01-07
  Lovingood, Kermit Harold  
  Lovingood, Linda Lee  
  Lovingood, Martha  
  Lovingood, Mattie 1880
  Lovingood, Nancy
  Lovingood, Napolean 1885
  Lovingood, Neah 1881
  Lovingood, Olley 1860
  Lovingood, Oscar William 1891
  Lovingood, Phoebe 1860
  Lovingood, Rachel Polly 1883
  Lovingood, Richard Harmon Rose 1846
  Lovingood, Robert 1830-10-11
  Lovingood, Robert 1888
  Lovingood, Robert Lincoln  
  Lovingood, Ruth  
  Lovingood, Thomas  
  Lovingood, Virginia
  Lovingood, William  
  Lovingood, William Newton 1854
  Rev Lovingood, George Washington
Lucero Lucero, Alexis  
  Lucero, Kenneth James  
  Lucero, Leo  
Lunsford Lunsford, Anna Luanda 1850
  Lunsford, Beaulah 1911-05-29
  Lunsford, David 1847 1847
  Lunsford, Elisha 1842
  Lunsford, Elizabeth 1843
  Lunsford, Ellen Mary 1897-03-16
  Lunsford, Henry 1841
  Lunsford, James 1847
  Lunsford, James Thomas 1819
  Lunsford, John 1806
  Lunsford, Lavinia 1846
  Lunsford, Levi 1840
  Lunsford, Louis William 1856
  Lunsford, Louranny Laura Ann 1846
  Lunsford, Malicia 1845
  Lunsford, Mary “Polly” 1854
  Lunsford, Mary Ann D
  Lunsford, Rebecca 1838
  Lunsford, Sarah 1837
  Lunsford, Sophronia C 1853
  Lunsford, Thomas 1797
  Lunsford, ZelPha 1842
Lutz Lutz
  Lutz, Anna Cathaina
  Lutz, Anna Catharina 1760-06-08
  Lutz, Anna Catherina 1762-04-11
  Lutz, Anna Maria about 1764
  Lutz, Anna Maria Magdalene about 1740
  Lutz, Barbara 1771-07-03
  Lutz, Casper about 1775
  Lutz, Casper Jr 1768-01-00
  Lutz, Christina between 1774 and 1775
  Lutz, Daniel 1776-07-14
  Lutz, David 1827-03-05
  Lutz, David 1773-09-04
  Lutz, David 1797-07-27
  Lutz, Elisabethe 1768-05-08
  Lutz, Elizabeth about 1744
  Lutz, Elizabeth 1763-05-27
  Lutz, Elizabethe 1763-02-16
  Lutz, George between 1771 and 1772
  Lutz, George 1758
  Lutz, Henry 1769-07-01
  Lutz, Jacob 1802-02-19
  Lutz, Jacob 1768-05-13
  Lutz, Jacob S. 1764-12-22
  Lutz, Johann Casper 1731
  Lutz, Johann George about 1738
  Lutz, Johann George 1768-06-07
  Lutz, Johann Jacob between 1745 and 1746
  Lutz, Johannes Georg about 1706
  Lutz, Johannes George 1760-07-13
  Lutz, John
  Lutz, John 1772
  Lutz, John Henry about 1770
  Lutz, Magdalene 1764-06-19
  Lutz, Maria Catharina 1766-01-30
  Lutz, Maria Catharina 1772-10-12
  Lutz, Maria Elisabeth 1762-05-20
  Lutz, Martha Ella 1873-11-15
  Lutz, Philip Henry about 1777
  Lutz, Sally about 1795
  Lutz, Susanna 1792-04-05
MacDonald MacDonald, Stephen Ashby
  MacDonald, Virginia StClair 1918-06-28
MacWilson MacWilson, Anna 1894-02-14
Manes Manes, Easter Anna 1905
Manis Manis, Etta 1907
Mann Mann, Charlotte 1809-11-02
  Mann, George
  Mann, George Junr
  Mann, Maria Eva
Marrow Marrow, Janice Lynn  
Martin Martin, Amanda Alice about 1850
  Martin, Anna about 1867
  Martin, Christian about 1866
  Martin, James about 1835
  Martin, Margaret Emely (Emma) 1847-06-22
Mary Mary, Wamack
Mashburn Mashburn, Missy  
Mason Mason, Johnny A 1939
  Mason, Pamela Darlene 1961
Matlock Matlock, Clay  
  Matlock, David  
  Matlock, David  
  Matlock, Jon  
  Matlock, Scott  
  Matlock, Tiffani  
Maupin Maupin, Patsy
Mayberry Mayberry, Brandi  
  Mayberry, John
Maze Maze, Thomas
McAlister McAlister, Mary 1749
McAllister McAllister, Children  
  McAllister, James
  McAllister, James  
  McAllister, Joseph
  McAllister, Mary  
  McAllister, William  
McBrayer McBrayer, J H
McCain McCain, Myrtle
McCamish McCamish, James E
McClelland McClelland, Alan  
  McClelland, Albert
  McClelland, Renick  
McCrary McCrary, Annie Rachel 1932-05-23
McDonald McDonald, Eliz
  McDonald, Katherine Virginia 1911
McDowell McDowell, Joseph Leander
McFall McFall, Jane (Sarah) Burns
McGee McGee, Lauren Elizabeth  
  McGee, Meredith Ann  
  McGee, Patrick
McHenry McHenry, Marinda Jane
McKinny McKinny, Eva 1869
  McKinny, John  
  McKinny, Mirtle “Uncle” 1895
  McKinny, Sallie 1868
  McKinny, William E 1833
McMinn McMinn, Benton
  McMinn, Etta 1890
  McMinn, Lou 1886
  McMinn, Maggie 1896
McNabb McNabb, Annaleece  
  McNabb, Hassan  
McReynolds McReynolds, Benjamin
  McReynolds, Elizabeth  
  McReynolds, James  
  McReynolds, Jane  
  McReynolds, John  
  McReynolds, Mary  
  McReynolds, Oliver
  McReynolds, Robert  
  McReynolds, Sally  
  McReynolds, Susan  
Melton Melton, Jennie
Miller Miller
  Miller, Christina
  Miller, Don (Dan) Jr 1907-05-04
  Miller, Mark Alfred
  Miller, Mintee H 1846
  Miller, Nancy
  Miller, Tom 1897
  Miller, Tommy D 1918
Mills Mills, Elizabeth 1880
  Mills, Jane 1875
  Mills, Mary 1877
  Mills, Nancy about 1871
  Mills, Thomas Christopher 1845-02-11
  Mills, William 1873
Millsaps Millsaps, Beverly  
Milsaps Milsaps, Sheila 1961
  Milsaps, Shelecia  
  Milsaps, Suzanne  
  Milsaps, Tommy  
Milton Milton, John 1876
Mitchell Mitchell, James
Montgomery Montgomery, Maud
Moore Moore
  Moore, Alinura 1850-05-00
  Moore, Amanda about 1857
  Moore, Authur  
  Moore, Barlo
  Moore, Calvin about 1866
  Moore, Catherine 1828-09-05
  Moore, Clarissa Feley (Felos) 1870-05-12
  Moore, Clarsie 1836-06-25
  Moore, Ellen about 1873
  Moore, George W 1838-11-15
  Moore, George W 1861
  Moore, Ida  
  Moore, Ida 1873-01-09
  Moore, Infant Son 1867-02-27
  Moore, Jack  
  Moore, James A about 1855
  Moore, John between 1830 and 1831
  Moore, John T about 1863
  Moore, Laura about 1879
  Moore, Laura
  Moore, Lenorda about 1876
  Moore, Lettitia 1826-09-00
  Moore, Lida about 1874
  Moore, Lucinda about 1872
  Moore, Lydia about 1830
  Moore, Mabel D
  Moore, Martha 1868-03-02
  Moore, Mary
  Moore, Mary C about 1869
  Moore, Mollie 1880-05-28
  Moore, Nan
  Moore, Nannie
  Moore, Noah  
  Moore, Noah about 1877
  Moore, P. Mount about 1868
  Moore, Robert 1874
  Moore, Sallie (Sarah) 1875-07-07
  Moore, Sarah Elizabeth 1817-12-26
  Moore, Walter 1878-01-27
  Moore, William between 1793 and 1794
  Moore, William 1833-02-23
  Moore, William B between 1851-04-00 and 1853
  Moore, Wm Howard Taft about 1909
Morris Morris, Mary 1857
Mozley Mozley, Catherine Malvinia
  Mozley, Sarah 1842
Mulkey Mulkey, Ada 1874
  Mulkey, Alta 1903
  Mulkey, Annie M 1909
  Mulkey, Arthur B 1922
  Mulkey, Beryl 1892
  Mulkey, Billie 1930
  Mulkey, Bungon 1896
  Mulkey, Don 1915
  Mulkey, Frank 1899
  Mulkey, Frankie E 1925
  Mulkey, Fred W 1899
  Mulkey, H Ray 1929
  Mulkey, Harvey 1892
  Mulkey, Homer George 1915
  Mulkey, Jack 1909
  Mulkey, Jackson 1917
  Mulkey, James 1916
  Mulkey, John L 1870
  Mulkey, John Oscar 1918
  Mulkey, Josephine
  Mulkey, Josephine 1920
  Mulkey, Leander 1839-07-03
  Mulkey, Lilley 1894
  Mulkey, Louis 1902
  Mulkey, Lucille 1921
  Mulkey, Mamie 1911-11-18
  Mulkey, Margaret 1924
  Mulkey, Mary 1872
  Mulkey, Mary Jane 1904
  Mulkey, Mary N 1920
  Mulkey, McKinley 1897
  Mulkey, Mildred J 1926
  Mulkey, Myrtle 1906
  Mulkey, Nancy 1865
  Mulkey, Paul 1906
  Mulkey, Paul 1894
  Mulkey, Rachael 1860
  Mulkey, Raymond L 1930
  Mulkey, S Ruth 1921
  Mulkey, Stanley 1891
  Mulkey, T Sue 1926
  Mulkey, Thelma 1899
  Mulkey, Wallace 1923
  Mulkey, Walter B 1920
  Mulkey, William 1868
  Mulkey, Wilma 1901
Mullikin Mullikin, Elizabeth
Murphy Murphy, Debbie  
  Murphy, Frances
Murray Murray, Helen 1934-09-21
  Murray, James Denford 1868
  Murray, Juanell 1922-09-07
  Murray, Mary Elizabeth 1876
Myers Myers, Chery Rae  
  Myers, Milton Allen
  Myers, Rusty  
  Myers, Weney Lee  
Naves Naves, Will
Necessary Necessary, John
Newcomer Newcomer, Birdie E 1903-09-22
Nicholson Nicholson, Sarah 1864
Nolen Nolen, Emit 1918
  Nolen, Gladys 1912
  Nolen, John 1889
  Nolen, John about 1903
Oexner Oexner, Ann Marie  
  Oexner, Russell 1933
Olsen Olsen, Cliff
Owen Owen, Nancy
Pack Pack, John  
  Pack, Nancy
Padgett Padgett
  Padgett, Ethel 1886
  Padgett, Juanita  
  Padgett, Milburn  
Palmer Palmer, Nancy 1869
Parker Parker, Mary Myrtle about 1880
Parks Parks, Jean 1941-03-20
Parris Parris, Jimmy  
  Parris, Tracy  
Patrick Patrick, Nancy
Payne Payne, Alice  
  Payne, Artiminey Savannah 1853
  Payne, Augustas Emily 1876
  Payne, Charles  
  Payne, Cynthia 1849
  Payne, Daniel Jack 1864
  Payne, Daniel Jackson between 1815 and 1817
  Payne, David Rowan 1871
  Payne, Delphia 1841
  Payne, Early  
  Payne, Erastus 1844-05-05
  Payne, Georgia Ellen 1878
  Payne, H Beauregard 1861
  Payne, Hasel 1839
  Payne, Hattie  
  Payne, Ida  
  Payne, James 1858
  Payne, John Jordan 1880
  Payne, Martha 1847
  Payne, Mary 1837
  Payne, Mary Forester 1873
  Payne, Miles 1845
  Payne, Rachel 1843
  Payne, Rachel Garrett 1884
  Payne, Robert 1800-03-01
  Payne, Roseanna 1859
  Payne, Sallie  
  Payne, Sarah Elizabeth 1866
  Payne, William  
  Payne, Wm Baxter 1868
Penix Penix, Anna 1814-03-25
  Penix, Bascum 1881
  Penix, Catherine “Katy” 1813
  Penix, Darah (Dora) 1875
  Penix, Densit Talmage 1897
  Penix, Dewey (Robert?) 1902
  Penix, Effi B about 1906
  Penix, Elizabeth
  Penix, Elizabeth about 1857
  Penix, Emma A 1893
  Penix, Erwin (Ervin) 1839
  Penix, Garrett M W 1874
  Penix, Hattie L 1882
  Penix, Hillard C 1888
  Penix, Horace 1909-04-04
  Penix, James 1851
  Penix, Jane
  Penix, John 1785
  Penix, John estimated between 1805 and 1813
  Penix, John between 1846 and 1851-06-27
  Penix, Lillie H 1890-05-00
  Penix, Louisa 1827-05-10
  Penix, Lourana E 1894-03-04
  Penix, Mamie Jay 1898-05-27
  Penix, Margaret between 1853 and 1858
  Penix, Margrett (Maggie) estimated 1839
  Penix, Mary 1785
  Penix, Mary “Polly” 1832
  Penix, Melvin Lloyd 1897-08-00
  Penix, Millie 1833
  Penix, Minnie 1884
  Penix, Nancy Jane 1843
  Penix, Ollie 1887-10-10
  Penix, Rachael 1819
  Penix, Rachel Vira 1840
  Penix, Rice 1833
  Penix, Rice S 1864
  Penix, Robert E  
  Penix, Robert Ray 1897
  Penix, Sue Alice 1882
  Penix, Thomas C 1854-07-31
  Penix, William 1805
  Penix, William A 1855
  Penix, William Daniel 1892 1882
Perry Perry, John
  Perry, John Jr before 1910
  Perry, Thomas before 1910
Peterson Peterson, Rebecca 1883
Phillips Phillips, Alvin C 1853
  Phillips, Clide 1882
  Phillips, Flourence 1887
  Phillips, G V  
  Phillips, Homer 1880
  Phillips, Margaret 1860
  Phillips, Maria 1857
  Phillips, Martha 1855
  Phillips, Mary J 1836
  Phillips, Michael  
  Phillips, Nora 1890
  Phillips, Sylvester F 1856
  Phillips, Vincen 1886
  Phillips, unknown 1879
Phoenix Phoenix, Hattie L  
  Phoenix, Ida M  
  Phoenix, Samuel 1884
  Phoenix, Theodosia Elizabeth 1880
  Phoenix, Thomas Harvey  
  Phoenix, William  
Pilkin Pilkin  
  Pilkin, Ernie  
Plaginos Plaginos, Clay  
  Plaginos, Fannie  
  Plaginos, Frank 1880
  Plaginos, George  
  Plaginos, Helen 1911
  Plaginos, Leigh 1950-08-01
  Plaginos, Paul  
  Plaginos, Sandy  
  Plaginos, Suspected Connection  
  Plaginos, Theodore 1880
  Plaginos, Thonari  
  Plaginos, William  
Poindexter Poindexter, Eliza about 1841
  Poindexter, John 1801
  Poindexter, John about 1840
  Poindexter, Samuel about 1838
Ponder Ponder, Mary  
Porter Porter, Allen  
  Porter, Elizabeth  
  Porter, Elizabeth  
  Porter, Elizabeth D  
  Porter, Elvis  
  Porter, Francis  
  Porter, Francis  
  Porter, Francis D  
  Porter, James  
  Porter, James  
  Porter, James  
  Porter, Jefferson  
  Porter, John  
  Porter, John  
  Porter, Margaret  
  Porter, Martha  
  Porter, Mary  
  Porter, Mary  
  Porter, Melinda  
  Porter, Nancy  
  Porter, Nathan
  Porter, Nathaniel  
  Porter, Nathanil Anthony  
  Porter, Polly  
  Porter, Sarah  
  Porter, William  
  Porter, William  
  Porter, William  
  Porter, William Carson Col.  
  Porter, infant  
Powell Powell, Edward H 1951
Presley Presley, Valerie  
Price Price, Elizabeth
Prichard Prichard, Eller M 1877
Pritchard Pritchard, Nanette Sue
Rash Rash, Dalphine
Raunbarger Raunbarger, Sarah
Reagun Reagun, Maggie
Reams Reams  
Rebaza Rebaza, Bertha Cecilia
Rector Rector, Nancy J
Redd Redd, Frances  
Reece Reece, Amanda
  Reece, Amanda 1871-02-09
  Reece, Andy
  Reece, Frank
  Reece, Jack
  Reece, James 1869-09-26
  Reece, Lizzie
  Reece, Lula
  Reece, Martha Jane 1853
  Reece, Mary Ann
  Reece, Minnie
  Reece, Moses
  Reece, Shade
Reed Reed, Crissa Angeline 1879
  Reed, Nancy A
Resson Resson, Jane Salley 1828
Reveley Reveley, Geo  
Revis Revis, Abner Erwin 1849-06-00
  Revis, Alfred Goodson 1846
  Revis, Catherine 1839
  Revis, George about 1853
  Revis, Henry 1830-02-07
  Revis, Jacob M about 1842
  Revis, James 1872
  Revis, James A about 1845
  Revis, James Benjamin about 1808
  Revis, Laura Lucinda 1851-05-13
  Revis, Mary about 1834
  Revis, Mary 1874
  Revis, Mary M
  Revis, Melissa 1840-07-00
  Revis, Melvin 1850
  Revis, Myra about 1838
  Revis, Rachel about 1845
  Revis, Rebecca 1831-07-02
  Revis, Sarah “Sallie” about 1837
  Revis, Sarah Melissa “Sallie” 1860-07-01
  Revis, Sopharonia 1858
  Revis, Sophronia 1867
  Revis, Synthia (Cintha) M E 1866
  Revis, Thomas B S 1860
  Revis, Thomas F about 1836
  Revis, Thursa about 1846
  Revis, William 1869
Rhodes Rhodes, Jessie
Rhody Rhody, Jeffry
Rice Rice, Mary Jane
Riggins Riggins, Nancy Angelina
Robards Robards, Hannah 1805
Roberts Roberts, Andrew J 1883
  Roberts, Andrew Jackson 1855
  Roberts, Bessie 1889
  Roberts, David Blake 1891
  Roberts, Ella Josephine 1896
  Roberts, Huey Walter
  Roberts, Jacob
  Roberts, James Richard 1899
  Roberts, Johnathan
  Roberts, Margaret J
  Roberts, Martha 1836-08-16
  Roberts, Richard
  Roberts, Robert Posey 1878
  Roberts, Tiny 1894
  Roberts, William Franklin 1887
Robertson Robertson, Alice 1922
  Robertson, Caswell
  Robertson, James  
Robinson Robinson, Jerome
  Robinson, Oscar ?  
  Robinson, Thurman Wesley Jr  
  Robinson, Thurman Wesley Sr 1914
Rogers Rev Col Rogers, James J
  Rogers, Benjamin about 1855
  Rogers, Charles about 1857
  Rogers, Charley Rufus 1915-10-06
  Rogers, Elizabeth 1931-01-19
  Rogers, Everett Raymond 1918-06-02
  Rogers, Felix Albert 1912-12-29
  Rogers, Frank G 1849-10-31
  Rogers, George F 1891-01-20
  Rogers, Georgia Adeline 1924-12-20
  Rogers, Green B
  Rogers, Henrilla 1872-06-15
  Rogers, Ida about 1869
  Rogers, James Joshua
  Rogers, John about 1854
  Rogers, Kay Arelne  
  Rogers, Laura about 1837
  Rogers, Leo Franklin 1910-06-05
  Rogers, Leona Mae  
  Rogers, Maggie 1885-03-22
  Rogers, Malachy about 1859
  Rogers, Mary 1888-11-00
  Rogers, Mary Eliza about 1852
  Rogers, Mollie about 1867
  Rogers, Oliver about 1823
  Rogers, Unknown Children 1880
  Rogers, William about 1848
Rosenbaum Rosenbaum, Jakaleen  
  Rosenbaum, Jake Jacob 1893
  Rosenbaum, Joseph  
  Rosenbaum, Leua  
  Rosenbaum, Louise
  Rosenbaum, Margaret  
  Rosenbaum, Sarah A  
Rosser Rosser, David about 1782
  Rosser, Jonathan
  Rosser, Preston
  Rosser, Vincent
Rosson Rosson, James
Ryner Ryner, Georgia 1908-10-13
Sawyer Sawyer, Ruth
Scales Scales, Samuella
Scarbrough Scarbrough, Alva S 1897
  Scarbrough, Hattie 1899
  Scarbrough, William Sanford about 1873
Scharr Scharr, Irma Gertrude  
Schindel Schindel, Christian 1769-09-22
  Schindel, Johanne George 1761-09-05
  Schindel, Johannes 1764-03-28
  Schindel, Johannes Nicolaus
Schlatter Schlatter, Anna Catharina about 1714
Schopf Schopf, Maria Catharina
Schoph Schoph, Anna Catharina
Schroder Schroder, Pearl Katherine 1916
Scoggins Scoggins, Ann Calhoun 1844
  Scoggins, Jesse C 1863
Scott Scott, Edith Scottie 1933
  Scott, Mary
Selsor Selsor, Ary Phoebe 1842
  Selsor, Christian 1792
  Selsor, James Quinn 1847
  Selsor, Malinda 1839
  Selsor, Parmelia 1834
  Selsor, Susan Harriet 1850-05-01
  Selsor, William W 1834
Shaver Shaver, Martha
  Shaver, Mary Elizabeth 1850-11-29
Shawm Shawm  
Shearer Shearer, Ella 1853-12-24
  Shearer, John 1809
Shehan Shehan, Annie
Shell Shell, Casper 1746
  Shell, Casper Jr 1770
  Shell, Catherine 1834-10-13
  Shell, David 1796-09-29
  Shell, Mary
  Shell, Michael Jr
Shelton Shelton, Frances Ann 1872
Sherlin Sherlin, Maggie
  Sherlin, Marion C
Shipp Shipp, Julius W
Shipton Shipton, Betty Jeanie  
  Shipton, John
Shrospshire Shrospshire
Simpson Simpson, Thomas B
Slogh Slogh, Claud about 1897
Sloop Sloop, David 1886
Smith Smith
  Smith, Anna Belle  
  Smith, Beverly  
  Smith, Carey  
  Smith, Carol  
  Smith, Charlsie 1913-05-09
  Smith, David 1922
  Smith, David  
  Smith, David
  Smith, David Delanie 1865-05-12
  Smith, David F “Freddy” Jr  
  Smith, Eugene  
  Smith, Hollie Nichole  
  Smith, James Stokley 1903-03-20
  Smith, Julia 1876
  Smith, Kate
  Smith, Lynette  
  Smith, Mary A  
  Smith, Romo J  
  Smith, William Carey 1933-06-04
  Smith, William Keister (Key) 1908
Sneed Sneed, (Miels) Morgan Pickney
  Sneed, Christina 1871
  Sneed, Harriet 1862
  Sneed, IRA 1891
  Sneed, John 1869
  Sneed, Lidia 1886
  Sneed, Milus 1835
  Sneed, Minnie 1872
  Sneed, Nora 1873
  Sneed, Sallie  
  Sneed, Savilla 1864
  Sneed, Shirley
Snyder Snyder, Mary Gilley
Sophi Sophi, Sophia  
Soviers Soviers
Sowards Sowards, Carrie
Sparks Sparks, Ann
Spears Spears, Margaret Isabell
Speer Speer, Margaret Isabel
Sprouse Sprouse, Mary Jane 1868
St Clair St Clair, Abrah Katie
  St Clair, John between 1809-05-21 and 1809-05-31
  St Clair, Margaret 1915-03-18
  St Clair, Marvin T
  St Clair, Sarah 1846-11-14
  St Clair, Virginia 1918-06-28
  St Clair, Walter 1877-06-04
  St Clair, Walter Price 1913-05-14
  St Clair, William 1839-12-13
Stalcup Stalcup, Beulah V. 1881-01-05
Starner Starner, Delvin 1952
  Starner, George A 1910
  Starner, Joan K 1940
Steele Lt. Steele, Alexander 1735
  Steele, Alexander 1769-04-13
  Steele, Carherine
  Steele, Elizabeth about 1799
  Steele, J Mc 1806
  Steele, Mary 1759-03-30
  Steele, Mary 1775-02-21
  Steele, Mary Ann
  Steele, Moses 1765
  Steele, Moses
  Steele, Sarah 1773
  Steele, Sarah
  Steele, William 1764
  Steele, William Alexander 1799-02-00
Stephens Stephens
  Stephens, Mary Ann 1873
Stephenson Stephenson, Catherine
Stepheson Stepheson, Hattie 1878-03-00
Stepp Stepp, Beth  
  Stepp, Don  
  Stepp, Jason  
Stewart Stewart, Cynthia
Strobel Strobel, Sarah 1878-08-09
Stuffelstreet Stuffelstreet, Elizabeth 1844-11-05
Sublette Sublette, Alean 1874-07-24
  Sublette, Earl Harrison  
  Sublette, Infant  
  Sublette, James Harrison 1842-10-17
  Sublette, Margaret 1871-07-15
  Sublette, Mary 1866-10-01
  Sublette, Pearl  
  Sublette, Samuel James 1876-02-04
Sutton Sutton, Mike Claudius  
Talley Talley, Carter Bradley
  Talley, Corndelius
  Talley, George P H
  Talley, Leah 1863
  Talley, Martha 1866
  Talley, Nancy 1854
  Talley, Newton 1873
  Talley, Noah 1857
  Talley, Rachel 1859
  Talley, Thomas C 1869
  Talley, W G 1863
Tanner Tanner, Gladys Mae 1915
  Tanner, John William 1880
Tapley Tapley, Mecca Eugenia  
Taylor Taylor, Aline 1782-09-03
  Taylor, Debra  
  Taylor, Douglas
  Taylor, Elizabeth
  Taylor, Elizabeth
  Taylor, Elizabeth about 1790
  Taylor, Emma E about 1849
  Taylor, Ernest 1929
  Taylor, Leticia M about 1847
  Taylor, Mary Josephine about 1843
  Taylor, Samuel
  Taylor, Skelton
  Taylor, Vester 1888
Teague Teague, Arthur 1883
Thomas Thomas
  Thomas, “Boonie”
  Thomas, Brittany I  
  Thomas, Dora 1881-12-22
  Thomas, Ella K M  
  Thomas, Josie A  
  Thomas, Mary J
  Thomas, Michael  
Thomason Thomason, Hayle
  Thomason, Nellie 1902
Thompson Rev. Thompson, William 1815-09-29
  Thompson, Adaline  
  Thompson, Altha Mae 1908-05-17
  Thompson, Amanda 1884-05-23
  Thompson, Anderson Theodore 1905-05-06
  Thompson, Anna 1933
  Thompson, Anna L 1904
  Thompson, Annis 1810
  Thompson, Arthur 1880-10-01
  Thompson, Asa 1793
  Thompson, Asee 1803
  Thompson, Azariah 1791
  Thompson, B F
  Thompson, Bertha L 1919
  Thompson, Beulah Rhea 1911-02-10
  Thompson, Bob  
  Thompson, Brad  
  Thompson, Bryant 1806
  Thompson, Catherine 1837
  Thompson, Charles 1926
  Thompson, Christina 1917
  Thompson, Christopher Columbus 1865-09-10
  Thompson, Clara Leona 1906
  Thompson, Clarence Leonard 1915-07-21
  Thompson, Clyde 1927
  Thompson, Cyrus  
  Thompson, Darrell  
  Thompson, David  
  Thompson, Dessie Virginia 1932-09-26
  Thompson, Elisha 1786
  Thompson, Elisha about 1840
  Thompson, Elisha (Elijah) from 1819 to 1829
  Thompson, Elisha F about 1865
  Thompson, Elizabeth  
  Thompson, Elizabeth  
  Thompson, Elizabeth (Betsy) between 1825 and 1827
  Thompson, Elizabeth M 1849
  Thompson, Eller Ella 1879-06-06
  Thompson, Ernest 1923
  Thompson, Essie Florence 1914-06-10
  Thompson, Everett 1905
  Thompson, Fannie 1891
  Thompson, Frank 1875
  Thompson, Frank 1896
  Thompson, George L 1867-02-21
  Thompson, Giles
  Thompson, Glenn
  Thompson, Harriet S about 1854
  Thompson, Henry Bradford 1901-05-18
  Thompson, Henry W 1880
  Thompson, Hiram  
  Thompson, Hiram 1832
  Thompson, Isaac Eugene 1932
  Thompson, Isaac Stephen Theodore 1856-03-16
  Thompson, Issac 1903-04-11
  Thompson, James 1821-06-22
  Thompson, James about 1760
  Thompson, James 1791
  Thompson, James 1856
  Thompson, James 1844-06-25
  Thompson, James
  Thompson, James  
  Thompson, James C. T. 1820
  Thompson, James H 1922
  Thompson, James Harry 1873-06-27
  Thompson, James Henry 1875-11-25
  Thompson, James Howard 1852
  Thompson, James O about 1855
  Thompson, James Ronald  
  Thompson, James William 1919-05-04
  Thompson, Jane 1838
  Thompson, Jasper Joshua about 1843
  Thompson, John 1796
  Thompson, John from 1836 to 1837
  Thompson, John about 1863
  Thompson, John  
  Thompson, John 1830
  Thompson, John  
  Thompson, John Franklin 1887-03-08
  Thompson, John M about 1862
  Thompson, Johnny W
  Thompson, Jonas 1844
  Thompson, Joseph Henry 1848-02-25
  Thompson, Josephine E 1877-07-10
  Thompson, Julia Camelia 1869-05-04
  Thompson, Laura 1884-01-15
  Thompson, Laura  
  Thompson, Laura Lee 1890-01-25
  Thompson, Laurie 1889-06-06
  Thompson, Letitia 1824
  Thompson, Lillie 1897
  Thompson, Lizzie 1888
  Thompson, Louise 1931
  Thompson, Mallissi 1879-12-23
  Thompson, Malthia Mattie 1878-02-02
  Thompson, Marcy  
  Thompson, Margaret 1801
  Thompson, Martha “Molly” Mary Ann 1900
  Thompson, Martha Elizabeth 1869
  Thompson, Martha Lucinda 1853-11-13
  Thompson, Mary Ann 1846-12-25
  Thompson, Mary Ann 1868
  Thompson, Mary Christin
  Thompson, Mary Elizabeth about 1838
  Thompson, Mary Elizabeth Maggie 1852
  Thompson, Mary J 1860-09-12
  Thompson, Mary L about 1860
  Thompson, Mary Polly about 1816
  Thompson, Mary Viola 1878
  Thompson, Maynard  
  Thompson, Mildred
  Thompson, Minnie 1899
  Thompson, Moses  
  Thompson, Nancy before 1786
  Thompson, Nancy 1812-10-18
  Thompson, Nancy about 1858
  Thompson, Nancy 1848
  Thompson, Nancy Cordelia 1875-02-02
  Thompson, Nancy Jane 1875-10-00
  Thompson, Nehemiah between 1831 and 1834
  Thompson, Nellie Francis 1871-04-08
  Thompson, Oliver Harrison 1889-08-01
  Thompson, Oma 1888
  Thompson, Otis 1902
  Thompson, Polly Mary 1792
  Thompson, Rachel 1793
  Thompson, Rachel about 1860
  Thompson, Ralph  
  Thompson, Reason 1800
  Thompson, Robbie
  Thompson, Rosie 1881-08-04
  Thompson, Roy Watson 1894
  Thompson, Ruby 1908
  Thompson, Ruthy Ann 1872
  Thompson, Salena Caroline 1855-09-30
  Thompson, Samuel T about 1849
  Thompson, Sarah 1843
  Thompson, Sarah 1822
  Thompson, Sarah  
  Thompson, Sarah Jane about 1846
  Thompson, Silverster R about 1835
  Thompson, Susanna 1802
  Thompson, Terry Sue  
  Thompson, Thomas  
  Thompson, Thomas Filanda 1879
  Thompson, Valerie  
  Thompson, Viola Lee 1922-07-30
  Thompson, W. A. about 1867
  Thompson, Walter 1894
  Thompson, William 1798
  Thompson, William  
  Thompson, William H about 1845
  Thompson, William J 1862-11-27
  Thompson, William Joseph 1885-03-05
  Thompson, William M about 1867
  Thompson, William M 1864
  Thompson, William Marion 1882
  Thompson, William N 1915
  Thompson, William Ross 1903
  Thompson, William Russel
  Thompson, Wilma Jean 1937
  Thompson, Wm  
  Thompson, Wm M Bud 1870
  Thompson, Wynema Yavone (Nema) 1942
  Thompson, Zadock 1796
  Thompson, Zelma Lea 1929-04-11
  Thompson, child ? 1927
Tomerlin Tomerlin, Bessie  
  Tomerlin, Henry  
  Tomerlin, James
  Tomerlin, Martha  
  Tomerlin, Pearl  
  Tomerlin, Robert  
Trappenstatt Trappenstatt, Barbara 1754-06-15
  Trappenstatt, Catherine 1752
  Trappenstatt, Christian between 1725 and 1730
  Trappenstatt, Christine
  Trappenstatt, Christoper (Christian)
  Trappenstatt, Elizabeth 1755
  Trappenstatt, John
  Trappenstatt, Mahalia
  Trappenstatt, Peter
  Trappenstatt, William
Treadway Treadway, Andrew J 1861
  Treadway, Andrew J 1901
  Treadway, Andy 1861
  Treadway, Authur 1885
  Treadway, Benjamin Franklin 1817
  Treadway, Caleb Emmett  
  Treadway, Carrie Lee  
  Treadway, Charley 1875
  Treadway, Dwight 1934
  Treadway, Elbert Monoe 1830
  Treadway, Elijah Jarvis 1906
  Treadway, Eliza Jane “Niga” 1859
  Treadway, Elizabeth 1853
  Treadway, Elizabeth Ann 1817
  Treadway, Eva 1857
  Treadway, Evalina 1819
  Treadway, George Henderson  
  Treadway, Henry 1862
  Treadway, Herman 1936
  Treadway, JW 1849
  Treadway, Jacob Brownlow 1838
  Treadway, James 1851
  Treadway, James S 1873
  Treadway, John about 1780
  Treadway, John  
  Treadway, John 1856
  Treadway, John Bate  
  Treadway, John Bowman  
  Treadway, John Henry 1819
  Treadway, John L 1850
  Treadway, John L 1889
  Treadway, Johnathan Hampton 1854
  Treadway, Johnnie L 1911
  Treadway, Julia Ann 1862
  Treadway, Katherine E 1855
  Treadway, Laura Ann 1877
  Treadway, Lillie Belle 1875
  Treadway, Louisa 1878
  Treadway, Martha 1869
  Treadway, Mary 1858
  Treadway, Mary Ann 1822
  Treadway, Mary Mollie 1868
  Treadway, Mina 1830
  Treadway, Minnie 1873
  Treadway, Monroe 1867
  Treadway, Morgan 1815
  Treadway, Nany 1877
  Treadway, Oniga Holt (is this Mijah Onijah Treadway?) 1787
  Treadway, Oniga J 1869
  Treadway, Onijah or Mijah 1793
  Treadway, Rebecca 1854
  Treadway, Rebecca 1852
  Treadway, Rebecca Ann 1824
  Treadway, Robert 1860
  Treadway, Robert 1835
  Treadway, Robert M 1834
  Treadway, Salley Mae  
  Treadway, Samuel W (nephew) 1862
  Treadway, WG (HB) 1857
  Treadway, William 1871
  Treadway, William 1847
  Treadway, William B 1887
Tredway Tredway, Addie Lee between 1903 and 1905
  Tredway, Albert  
  Tredway, Arthur Alvin between 1907 and 1909
  Tredway, Ethel  
  Tredway, Hattie Pearl 1894
  Tredway, Jake (Jacob Brownlow) 1864
  Tredway, Kelly 1899
  Tredway, Lucy 1901
  Tredway, Mack Willie between 1905 and 1907
  Tredway, Minnie 1898
  Tredway, Nancy (Nannie) 1896
  Tredway, Nellie Dorothy 1910
Treffenstead (Stufflestreet) Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Andrew 1834
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Andrew about 1812
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Celia
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Christopher about 1808
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Daniel 1810
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Frederick about 1750
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), George about 1805
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Jacob about 1839
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), John F 1830-01-25
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Margaret about 1837
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Michael Ezekiel 1832-07-25
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Nancy about 1843
  Treffenstead (Stufflestreet), Nancy
Turner Turner, Florence
  Turner, John
  Turner, Luther  
  Turner, Porter  
  Turner, Walter  
Underwood Underwood, Christine Iona 1933
  Underwood, Jennifer  
Vaden Vaden, Francis Merald 1821-03-12
Vilbert Vilbert, Duane  
Vincent Vincent, Malinda Isabell
Vineyard Vineyard, Elsie  
Wade Wade  
  Wade, Dorothy  
Walker Walker, Elizabeth
Wall Wall, Ethel
Wallace Wallace, Mary Jane 1838
Wamac Wamac, Bobby
  Wamac, Bobby Jo  
  Wamac, Mary Lee  
Watkins Watkins, Aaron
  Watkins, Aaron
  Watkins, Elizabeth
  Watkins, Elizabeth Jane 1825
  Watkins, Harriet 1812-02-00
  Watkins, Jane
  Watkins, Malinda between 1801 and 1802
  Watkins, Margaret
  Watkins, Martha
  Watkins, Moses
  Watkins, Moses
  Watkins, Moses
  Watkins, Pamela (Permelia) between 1804 and 1806
  Watkins, Reese 1817
  Watkins, Reese
  Watkins, Robert
  Watkins, Sarah
  Watkins, Thomas
Webb Webb, Manerva Adams
Webbs Webbs, Manerva  
  Webbs, Manerva
Webster Webster, Effie 1863
Wedge Wedge, Mary J
Weeks Weeks, Nancy
West West, Elijah J 1838
Whaley Whaley, John
  Whaley, Mary “Polly”
  Whaley, Violet about 1810
Wheeler Wheeler, Adolphus Erwin
  Wheeler, Ellen Pearlee about 1879
  Wheeler, Louise
Whitaker Whitaker, Eva
  Whitaker, James  
  Whitaker, Jefferson W 1869
Whitlock Whitlock, Essie
Whitney Whitney, Jim
  Whitney, Madelyn Grace  
Willick Willick, Kathlene
Wilson Wilson, Mary Emma 1845
  Wilson, Rachel
Wise Wise, Adeline
  Wise, Alex
  Wise, Alice 1865-06-28
  Wise, Anny
  Wise, Ella Mae 1890
  Wise, James H 1846-04-17
  Wise, Robert
  Wise, Ruth
  Wise, William 1867
Wood Wood, Andrew Jackson 1845-10-14
  Wood, Emma
  Wood, Harvy G 1875
  Wood, Lonnie Curtis 1883-09-04
  Wood, Robert 1869
Woods Woods, Marie
Woolford Woolford, Dora Adeline
Wright Wright, J Crocket  
  Wright, Joel A
  Wright, Lona Catherine
Wyatt Wyatt, Crelia
  Wyatt, Elijah
  Wyatt, Fred Columbus
  Wyatt, John J
  Wyatt, Lara
  Wyatt, Marion
  Wyatt, Myrtle
  Wyatt, Robert Melvin 1872
  Wyatt, Rosey
  Wyatt, Willie A 1918
Wyett Wyett, Nancy Ann
Yarbrough Yarbrough
Yeatman Yeatman, Evan  
  Yeatman, Hunter  
  Yeatman, Matthew  
York York, Martha E
Younger Younger, Mary
Zabrosky Zabrosky, Ida 1860