Gary Helm

Welcome to my geneaology website.

About sixty years of research have gone into gathering information for this website.
My parents did research from 1960s into the early 2000s, and I have been doing research since the 1980s.

Content and photos in this website ARE copyrighted.
If you want to use the infomation or pictures, contact me for permission.

Research included:

Traveling to the places our families lived, visiting countless libraries and courthouses, and countless hour reading "orginial documents" written while persons were alive.

Listening to countless family stories about the past, and then doing research to verify if the stories are true.

Visiting countless cemeteries. In some cases cemeteries had been long forgotten, difficult to find and were covered up by time, trees and brush.

There were many humbling moments, visiting where over three hundred years ago our ancestors made their homes in the wild and undeveloped western frontiers of what are today central Virginia, eastern Georgia, east and middle Tennessee, Illinois, Missouri, and elsewhere.

Many awe inspiring moments were spent just sitting down to remember those who have gone before us.