Gary Helm

Welcome to my family database.
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The primary families contained in this database are: Helm, Thompson, Grant, Lutz, Campbell, Grant and Buckner.

Geneaology research is not "go on the internet and find what is out there."

I cannot venture to guess how many times I have been ask "have you gone to a Ancestry dot com?"

My parents did decades of research long before the existance of Ancestry dot com, and I have built upon their reseach by doing decades of research.

Our research has included:

We did extensive travelling to the places our families lived, visiting countless libraries and courthouses, to read "orginial documents" that included information about family members from when they were alive.

We contacting distant family members and listened to countless family stories about the past but also did research to verify if the stories are true. But repeating oral stories (myths) without verifying their truth can be counter productive. Was great-great-gran-pa the president of the United States or did he just think so?

We visted countless cemeteries and in some cases had to locate long forgotten cemeteries and probe for that long-lost marker covered up by time, trees and brush.

Nothing replaces the humbling and awe-inspiring feeling of seeing where over three hundred years ago, our ancestors walked, lived and worked, while remembering Virginia was a western frontier during their day.